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In Sweden, What Are the Alternatives to Wood Decking?

It is unnecessary to emphasize that wood decking is not the best material for outdoor flooring in Sweden. Gardeners who have built have learned that it is difficult to keep up with. Aside from that is a long-lasting flooring option. Engineers have developed a number of alternatives that are popular in the Swedish market. One of them is komposittrall. PVC decking is an alternative to wood decking. Aluminum and bamboo decking are two other options. So, what are the alternatives in Sweden? Let’s have a look at the many options available to homeowners.

Why isn't wood the best material for a deck?

Why isn’t wood the best material for a deck?

If you’ve ever had wood decking put in your house, you’re well aware of its drawbacks drawbacks, on the other hand, will be unfamiliar to you if you haven’t used it before. For starters, placing it in your yard exposes it to factors such as dampness, UV radiation, and temperature changes.


Wood decking’s lifespan is shortened as a result of this. Moisture is one natural factor that may quickly degrade wood decking after it has been constructed. It deeply penetrates the decking’s surface, causing the boards to swell. When expands, its form is altered, and the boards become misaligned. Moisture will ultimately cause decay, and if the boards dry too rapidly, the surface may fracture.

Not resistant to weather 

Another weather variable that will make less appealing is the sun’s UV rays. It causes the color to fade, requiring gardeners to refinish the decking every year. The temperature has an impact on wood decking, causing it to fracture or splinter. expands in the heat and contracts in the cold. Because is a less durable material, this technique will quickly ruin it. Engineers created composite decking and other decking kinds to replace wood because of these disadvantages.

Composite Decking as a Timber Alternative

Composite Decking as a Timber Alternative

Composite decking is the finest alternative to trädäck that Swedish homeowners may employ in their gardens.  You may build your wood plastic composite decking in a severe

Nordic environment as an alternative to wood decking 

Since it is weatherproof there is an alternative to wood decking In Sweden. Wood plastic is not affected by the weather, and it is not destroyed by insects. When you install composite decking in your garden, you get a guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy it for up to 25 years. And that 25-year period includes less time-consuming upkeep.

Composite decking is low maintenance 

When compared to requires less maintenance. Wood-plastic composite decking does not require sanding, sealing, or painting. Wood-plastic composite has a better aesthetic value than wood. Engineers apply gorgeous colors to the surface of their composite decking throughout the manufacturing process. As a result, the surface texture of composite decking remains lovely all year. When it comes to selling a home, a home with composite decking as the flooring material will sell faster than one with wood.

PVC Decking as a Timber Alternative

PVC Decking as a Timber Alternative

Swedish homeowners can also use it as an alternative to wood decking. Because it is made of plastic, this outdoor flooring material has plastic properties. PVC on the other hand lacks the properties of wood since, unlike composite, timber is not a component of its material makeup. Nonetheless, PVC decking is superior Weather elements such as dampness and the sun’s UV rays will not harm plastic decking surfaces. PVC decking will not split, fracture, or break.

Decking made of aluminum

Decking made of aluminum

Aluminum is another option, and due to its composition, it is a long-lasting material. Although pricey, aluminum decking will last a long time due to its non-rotating surface and ease of maintenance.


What are the alternatives to wood decking in Sweden? In Sweden, composite is the most popular wood decking substitute. The decking is suitable for all locations and is simple to maintain while also being resistant to the elements. PVC decking and aluminum decking are two other options.

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