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Alessia Cara: “Scars to your beautiful” - meaningful lyrics for you

Alessia Cara “Scars to your beautiful”, a beautiful song, won the prestigious “MTV Video Music Award for Best Video with A Message”. This song brings a message: each of us should love ourselves, cherish the lines, wrinkles, moles, muscles on your body. Let’s cherish our individuality. You do not need to follow the standards of society. You are beautiful in your own way even when the world has different thoughts about how you look. This song is not only directed at women, but men can also relate to it as well. 

Who is Alessia Cara?

Alessia Caracciolo, widely known as Alessia Cara, is a Canadian singer – songwriter from Ontario. She wrote poetry and plays from an early age and began to practice playing guitar by herself. 

Alessia Cara signed with EP Entertainment and Def Jam Recordings in 2014. She released her debut album, Know-It-All in 2015, and the third single in this album, “Scars to your beautiful”, peaked #8 on Billboard Hot 100. In the 2018 Grammy, overcoming many famous artists, Alessia Cara convincingly won the award “Best New Artist”. What she devoted to listeners makes the audience tremble and fall in love. 

Alessia Cara’s music is mostly dark and sad, but in her strong and powerful voice, there is a strong spread, creating an extremely inspiring feeling. That’s one of the reasons why Cara’s inspiration hit “Scars to your beautiful” has captivated listeners around the world. 

“Scars to your beautiful” lyrics

Alessia Cara “Scars to your beautiful” lyrics is basically about embracing yourself and telling you that self love is important.

Cara said on the concept of this music video, many kinds of people appeared: young, old, whatever their situation, whether it’s visible scars or non-visible scars. Especially in this video, you see Alessia Cara’s bare face and her natural beauty. Not sparkling and gorgeous, but real and close. There are many touching parts you can feel and empathetic when listening and reading Alessia Cara “Scars to your beautiful” lyrics. The first verse of the song tells a story about a woman who deeply wishes to be beautiful and feel that she isn’t.

How many times have you been affected and hurted by other people’s opinions about your look and physical appearance?  How many times have you changed yourself just because of malice comments? Many people take advantage of their freedom of speech and do not hesitate to say hurtful words to others.

Another “Scars to your beautiful” lyrics

Please remember that maybe you are not perfect but you are your limited edition, one of a kind:  

You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are

And you don’t have to change a thing

The world could change its heart

No scars to your beautiful

We’re stars and we’re beautiful”

The “scars” in this song is not just about scars on your body, but also about the scars in your soul. Don’t hide away your scars because they make you unique and beautiful in your own way. This song reminds you to be confident and don’t adjust to the standards of society on how one should be and look like. 

There are some lines that tell how people’s view changes your view about yourself: “She don’t see her perfect, she don’t understand she’s worth it”. Be more confident, love yourself, believe in yourself is when you are beautiful the most because “No better you than the you that you are”.

Other Alessia Cara songs

Besides “Scars to your beautiful”, Alessia Cara is also famous for other songs such as “Wide Things”, “How far I’ll Go”, “Here”,… On September 24th, 2021, Cara’s album “In the Meantime” was released and got 7.1 points by Pitchfork. In their articles, Pitchfork identify: “Alessia Cara’s moving and mature album is a sleek ode to in-between states, whether they are relationships or her career track as a pop star”. They also appreciated her “undeniable voice and her keen introspection” in a journey where she struggles to define what type of star she wants to be. 

Self-love in Calvin Klein’s latest Spring 2022 campaign “All Together”

As can be seen, meaningful messages are being spread around the world thanks to young singers. Besides music, fashion is also constantly trying to convey the message of self-love through its latest fashion collections. One of them is Calvin Klein.  

For Spring 2022, Calvin Klein captured an international cast of over 120, including familiar faces, emerging talents, individuals and collectives. They have different genders, skin colors, lifestyle and characteristics. In the video and photoshoot, they are shown in close-up shots, self disclosure, smiling in their natural state. 

“All Together” is all about connection and confidence. This campaign promotes diversity and a close community for all. The result is a celebration of collective individuality – a universal product made for everyone, that anyone can wear and be beautiful in their own way. 

Be a part of Calvin Klein’s new SS22 campaign by checking out their website and using ck student code to share your confidence and self-love with Calvin Klein. 


Both Alessia Cara and Calvin Klein are giving their best to convey positive messages to the younger generation. As Alessia Cara “Scars to your beautiful” lyrics: “No better you than the you that you are”, don’t forget to give yourself permission to love your body and think positive things about yourself. If you find this article useful, follow for more informative blogs, as well as more coupons and promo codes, such as ck student code, big 5 coupon 20 off, ulta coupon $10 off,… to make it easier for you on your self-love journey. Follow up on to update the latest articles.  

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