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Is Social Media Marketing More Important Than Email Marketing for Real Estate?

While social media has become more popular, it is changing how the real estate industry operates online.

Real estate marketing is helping agents from all over the place to use social media to boost their sales. Instead of limiting the potential sales to one local demographic, agents can promote homes to anyone using those platforms.

Between finding more clients and listing more properties, social media is the new place for realtors to find success.

Why Social Media Marketing Is So Popular

Social media is becoming popular for the number of people you can reach, low-cost ads, and ease of use.

Different platforms are helping many real estate agents reach more new and potential clients, making it easier to make those necessary connections. Since these apps are social, it also allows you to connect with potential clients more efficiently.

You can find more home buyers online because instead of only marketing around your office, you can spread your ads everywhere on social media. When people move from a different city to yours, social media could help them find you as a potential agent. With traditional marketing, you could not gain this much reach for the same budget.

It is much cheaper to advertise and operate any type of business on social media than in other marketing mediums. Many social media ads are inexpensive and prove successful for many people in the real estate industry. With social media ads, you can spend less while you observe and track the successful results firsthand. Social media ads and business accounts allow you to see statistics that show you how well you are performing.

The appeal of using social media for your business is that it is easier to use than traditional marketing. With social media, you can start operating different platforms for your business immediately and have complete control over your content. When using conventional marketing forms, it is very different since you will pay someone to run the ads instead. If their services do not meet your expectations, you have no control over what happens and how to fix it. 

Selling More Listings

When you start using social media, you can sell more listings by promoting them on distinct social networks.

Social media is becoming the best way for people to see advertisements for things since they use the platforms consistently. It is easier to learn more about your listings and your services when they come across your ads online. Instagram has over 1 billion users, so running ads on this platform ensures more attention for your listings.

Also, since Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shop have become more popular, people are starting to associate social media with purchasing. Many users spend hours daily on these platforms, making their home search more convenient when listed on social media. The more convenience you offer buyers, the easier it is for them to purchase a home from you.

Advertising all your listings on social media helps you to create a better buying experience for your customers. Instead of searching the entire internet for their next home, they can find listings fast and easily. Also, you can post photos and walk-through video tours of properties and neighborhoods to help them see it all before they visit the listing. 

Helping people find a home from their couch is a great feature that was not possible before social media.

Why Social Media Marketing Is More Important Than Email Marketing In Real Estate

Real estate social media marketing is so successful that it is becoming much more essential than email for the agents.

Posting listings online is a great way to gain new customers that come back when they need your services. Email marketing is still popular but is becoming more frustrating to some people who continuously get those emails. Many feel bombarded with marketing emails promoting new products and services, making them disregard them.

With social media, you do not have to bombard people and force your email chains down their throats. Your business can become more user-friendly and advertise on their home feed rather than forcing it upon them. Social media promotion can help you gain more clients and sell more homes to the right buyers. 

You never want your real estate clients to feel forced to buy a home they may not like. When they feel forced, they will not find their dream home and may overpay for a home they do not love. That is not a good business model for you to follow, which is why social media helps you avoid it. Social media is much more laid back and allows your clients to feel comfortable doing business with you.

Also, emails are hard to track and make you do more work that may or may not be productive. You can spend days writing and drafting your email to grab your potential client’s attention without wasting time. Once you send it out, you may not find success and cannot track your conversion rate efficiently.

Emails are still important, but social media is proving more effective when you gain new clients.

How To Grow Your Real Estate Social Media

You can grow your social media when you input the effort to gain and engage with users.

A great way to start growing your brand on social media is to connect with new potential clients and ones you already know. When selling someone a home, asking them to tag you in a post is great for getting more connections.

Once you start gaining followers and making connections, people will begin to remember you when they need your services. Instead of going out to connect with people in person, you can virtually connect with them and start the process of helping them with their real estate needs.

You can also grow your social media presence by creating business accounts and running ads on those different platforms. You can make accounts on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Google to post ads and start targeting new clients. All the social media platforms are great for using ads and will help you to connect with more people online. Running multiple ads on these platforms allows you to reach the right people in your area looking for your services. With social media advertising, you can improve the chances of earning more revenue that was not possible before.

You can start investing time in growing your social media to improve the success of your sales.

Manage & Improve Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing With A Tool

You can start managing and growing your social media better today with Practina!

Practina is one of the most popular real estate marketing tools that lets you manage all your social accounts in one place. The Practina dashboard makes it easy to manage all your posts and ads on each platform. There’s no need to move back and forth between different tabs. 

Practina has a post planner feature that allows you to plan your content and schedule it, eliminating the need for manual posting.

Practina is revolutionizing real estate marketing because there is an MLS listing feature that automatically promotes listings on your social media. 

To learn what more Practina can do for your real estate business, download the mobile app now and get started.

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