Jamie Holgate: An All Rounder Personality!

Jamie Holgate

For many people, hairdressing is a career. However, this consideration is not true thoroughly as there are thousands of hairdressers who deal in other activities too. In this crowd of hairdressers, there are only a few who like to serve the poor and needy persons. Yes, we are speaking the truth; there are some hairdressers who, along with working as professional hairstylists, do some charity work. Among these, Jamie Holgate is a renowned hairstylist among his natives.

Jamie Holgate A Barber In Barnoldswick UK

Jamie started his career as a professional hairdresser with his salon in Barnoldswick. After starting his shop, he started to get popularity because of his outstanding hairstyle patterns. Followed by which, he started to gain popularity among his natives. After achieving a significant milestone in his career as a hairdresser, he found that people face issues with nourishing hair needs. This is why he started working on hair care products and launched a dedicated product range of hair and beard care products. He launched these products under the banner of JH Grooming.

The product range available with this brand is completely made up of premium quality organic materials. Due to the high quality of JH Grooming products, people across the nation started to take a look at these premium products by visiting JH Grooming’s official website.

Product Range Available With JH Grooming 

Jamie Holgate is a professional hair care expert. He deals with a variety of products ranging from hair to beard care. The description of these products involves:

Products for hair care range: For male hair nourishment and cleaning needs, the product range includes:

  • Hair clay:
    Hair clays are good for hairstyles that need tons of volume. These avoid the need to weigh down hair with excessive products.
  • Texture paste:

    Texture paste is the perfect product that helps to deliver pliable texture and shine to individuals’ hair.

  • Defining cream:

    Defining cream is a product that helps to prevent frizz. This also helps to provide a shiny and oily outlook to your naturally dry hair.

  • Deluxe pomade:

    Deluxe pomade is the perfect product for individuals who want to change their hairstyles. This product range is popular for its timeless and classic outlook.

  • Salt spray:

    Salt spray is a popular product for the haircare range. It helps to add extra thickness and a gritty texture to hair, which is necessary for a fuller and more rigid outlook. This also simplifies the process of hairdressing.

After discussing JH Grooming’s haircare range, it is time to discuss his beard and shaving product range. This range involves:

  • Beard oil:

    Beard oil acts like a conditioner which moisturizes and softens up the beard hair. People use beard oil to maintain their beard look complete.

  • Beard balm:

    Beard balm is a product which works as a leave-in conditioner. It helps to moisturize, condition, style, and soften the beard.

  • Synthetic shaving brush:

    Synthetic shaving brush is a good product that helps in making lather from shaving soap or shaving cream.

  • Shaving soap:

    Shaving soap acts as a lubricating agent between individuals’ skin and sharp blades. This also allows the razor to slip over the skin with minimal irritation.

  • Shaving cream:

    Shaving cream is a beard care product that softens and lubricates hair to make shaving simple. It primarily forms lather that serves both as a protective and moisturizing barrier between the razor and the skin.

The products mentioned above are made up of high-quality organic materials, which is why people get desired results from JH Grooming products without facing any issues.

Charity Works

Jamie Holgate news grew popular because of Jamie’s charity works. As per this context, Jamie, along with his team, visited public places to find needy and poor people. After finding these, he gave them free haircare services. The intention behind his services was his dedication to serving the needy people of society. For this task, Jamie utilized his spare time.

He started his journey as a social worker after finding needy people in the market during his visit. He visited that place for some personal causes, but after looking at needy individuals, he made up his mind to do something for them. After which, he figured out hairdressing as the best possible way to serve the needy. From that day onwards, he regularly went out to public places to serve the needy in his free time.

Jamie Holgate As A Sports Coach

Jamie Holgate has never limited himself to a particular field of excellence. In fact, he has attained popularity in multiple fields. We can relate this better to the fact that Jamie has also worked as a community sports coach within Burnley Sports and Play Development Unit. In this organization, the normal working week was of 25 hours, which is flexible for evenings and weekends. Even after having such relaxations, Jamie avoided these and undertook some project roles during his non-working hours. For this purpose, he acted as a supervisor for Holiday Activity Sports Camps and National Citizen Service Programme.

In addition to the above-mentioned activities, Holgate Jamie has coached many via sports activities at Burnley Bears Disability Club and the Units Coaching in School Programme within many local primary schools as a PT teacher. In short, he built a great rapport with the staff members and learners. According to some staff members, “Jamie’s punctuality was excellent, as was his enthusiasm within his work area”.

Jamie Holgate’s Current Status

Along with managing his JH Grooming brand and hairdressing salon, Jamie used to work for charity purposes. He likes to visit different parts of his native region to serve the poor and needy. In fact, people from his town admire him for his dedication and support to the needy. Along with working as a social worker, Jamie used to provide stunning hairstyles to individuals who love to look professional in a unique way.

People can check the product range of JH Grooming by visiting the official website. Here, people can find a detailed description of hair care products along with availing different buying options for the same. Check his official website to learn in detail about him.


Here at JH Grooming, we pride ourselves in helping individuals look their best. The barber and male grooming brand came into existence back in 2016, and since then we are proudly meeting our client expectations. We aim to bring a fresh outlook to male grooming and precision barbering right here in the heart of Barnoldswick, Lancashire.

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