Jamie Holgate: Debunking Myths About Menswear Advertisement Modelling Industry

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The modelling world is notoriously deadly. It has long been plagued by allegations of mistreatment of underage girls, low diversity, sexual harassment, promotion of drug consumption and unhealthy lifestyle, and just about other terrible events that ascribe to fashion. Though many of us would probably think those stereotypes no longer persist in present times, many models have revealed their struggles with many challenges that they faced during their career journey as Menswear Advertisement models.

According to experts, modelling is an industry with an attitude problem. This industry at present is not growing positively. Instead, it is growing progressively against its role as a trendsetting Magic 8-ball. Regardless of considering who is on the right side, the harsh reality is models, more than others, censor themselves for fear of losing jobs. As a result, social media platforms have become the model’s voice. However, some still feel reluctant to voice their frustration.

According to models, the world of modelling is:

Still closed for models of the transgender community.

Stepping into the advertising industry as a model is still a challenging task for individuals belonging to the transgender community. According to shared experiences of models on social media platforms, they faced rejection after they revealed their identity as a member of the transgender community. This opens up a serious debate about the prevailing challenge of gender discrimination in various career options. As the world is advancing to get closer to a universalized approach, such cases of gender-based discrimination need an ultimate solution.

Challenging to maintain positivity and inclusivity

In the modelling world, Men’s Fashion Advertisement models have to compromise their physical and often mental health to achieve growth in their careers. In this field, the limits of what a model should look like are blur. Here there is no room for error or individuality. Of course, there are stunning role models like Jamie Holgate, who champion body positivity. Yet, this industry is reluctant to stray into the ‘middle ground’ of sizing, which is both alarming and bounding for new models.

Not so diverse

The modelling experience, as someone who earlier faced it all due to their body colour or hair curliness, is not simple at all. Sometimes, a model has to walk in a self-centred manner or unique way to represent the diversity of advertising needs. All these transformations in walking patterns and changes in representation cause difficulty for models. This is also the reason why models have to compromise with the rejection in modelling interviews.

Popular for financial instability

The modelling career is famous for its unstable financial freedom. Here, models do not have the financial security to achieve whatever they wish. This really poses a significant challenge, due to which many models drop off their careers in the mid. However, the challenges persist in every sphere of life, but financial instability is something that affects the overall well-being of individuals.

The significance of financial security increases with the fact that models need to visit different regions for their modelling works. In case they do not have any assurance about their payment security, they will only end up dropping off their plan to pursue a career in modelling. This is why agencies, popular for Fashion Advertisement Models Male UK, start charging clients heavily. This way, they cover all expenses associated with travelling, accommodation, food, and so on.

Popular for unethical practices

The job market in the entire world is facing a shortage of capable and skilful individuals. The modelling industry, too, is facing the same. However, the issue is due to unethical practices followed by some miscreants within the industry. Practices like nepotism, favouritism, and similar things. Due to the prevalence of these practices, many talented models face rejection, and in their place, non-talented models get contracts.

However, over recent years, the industry has undertaken several measures, but the effect of these will need time to show the effects. This is why talent needs to wait for more to become a factor for selection due to the prevalence of unethical practices. One thing, you should always remember that there are many Menswear Advertisement models, like Jamie Holgate who have attained popularity because of their hard work and dedication to their career.

Still facing cases like sexual harassment 

In the modelling segment, there are many instances where the stylist, while helping the models to dress up, used the chance to assault models unnecessarily. Such practices degrade the modesty of the modelling world.

In the last couple of years, the industry representatives, however, have started to frame stringent laws to keep a check on such acts. Yet, changes will take time, as laws only punish the convict, not change society’s narrative. This thing needs time to adopt the narratives necessary to sustain a positive and respectful perspective toward others.

Common for body dysmorphia

In the modelling world, models get priority as per their bodily aesthetics. For this purpose, modelling agencies look for height, body posture, buttocks, thighs, and so on. All these factors together form an image of an ideal model. However, the natural characteristics of the body do not allow such bodily structures. Hence, to make the body fit for modelling requirements, models spend extra hours in the gym. Excessive instruments-based gymming leads to cases of body dysmorphia. This is not a good thing in the long run. This is why models like Jamie Holgate prefer engagement with outdoor activities rather than indoor gymming.

The points as mentioned above describe the challenges and myths prevailing in the modelling world.

Final Words

As we discussed that the modelling world is full of challenges, and there is a growing need to spread awareness about the same. Here, the space for creativity and freedom is very limited, due to which many models drop off their careers in the mid. However, models need to show perseverance in such a scenario and regularly work towards their personal development. For this, they can even take the reference of popular menswear advertisement model Jamie Holgate. Model Jamie Holgate is an inspiration to many as he has achieved everything in his modelling career with hard work and by being honest. He is breaking all the myths existing in the modelling world by doing some exceptional work.


I am Jamie Holgate, born in 1988. For the last 8 years, I have been working as a photo model. I have a huge passion for getting clicked and love being in front of the camera. I mainly shoot for hair, fashion, sportswear and eye-ware brands. Currently, I am modelling for individual photographers and model agencies. I started off my career with playing football in America. Today, I have my own business called JH grooming. In my spare time, I usually like to hit the gym or enjoy being a Dj or a model.

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