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Know about deodorization misting systems

Daily life produces a lot of garbage, and it has become a significant thing to deal with them effectively. The garbage dump is one of the main places for centralized collection and treatment of urban garbage. The misting deodorization system of refuse collection stations can reduce the impact on the living environment of the human body and residents. The staff of the garbage transfer station and the nearby residents are miserable, which has seriously affected the daily life and office of the nearby residents.

Application of Deodorizing misting system:


The deodorizing misting system uses a high-pressure pump to pressurize the deodorizing liquid, which is required to be diluted and proportioned to the required pressure (50-70 kg). The water mist is formed by spraying the high-pressure pipeline system to a special nozzle to form a water mist. The water mist particles are micron-sized and very small, which can adsorb impurities in the air and create good and fresh air, to achieve multiple functions such as dust suppression and deodorization. The system has a pronounced effect on the odor environment, such as waste transfer stations, waste removal and transportation station, waste landfill, sewage treatment, etc. The configuration system can also realize the function of cleaning and disinfection. One machine is multi-purpose and economical. The system has the advantages of low cost, low operation and maintenance cost, economy and practicality, and the control system can realize unmanned automatic control.

Parts of the system:


The deodorizing misting system comprises the main engine, a matching high-pressure pipe, and a sprinkler head. The central unit is a motor, water pump, water tank, and electric control. It is located at the position of the dust collector near the water source.

When dealing with the collected waste, the waste transfer station produces malodorous gases due to the long-term microbial fermentation of the trash. These gases are volatile and easy to diffuse into the atmosphere. In particular, some gases are irritating, which has brought severe pollution to the surrounding air environment quality. Therefore, the waste transfer station must purify the waste odor in time to meet the discharge standard.

Uses of deodorization system:


A high-pressure misting deodorizing system disperses the fog in a specific space, suspended in the air for a long time, forming a large surface area. It can diffuse to all parts, combine with odor gas, react and degrade, and has high absorption efficiency and fast purification speed. Such as atomized fusion agent deodorant liquid can quickly reduce the odor and breed mosquitoes and flies. The high-pressure mist deodorization system solves the problems of high operating costs, large investment, and large maintenance workload for other equipment. The equipment installation is fast and convenient, and the operation cost is one-tenth of that of traditional purification equipment. Such as kit-only mists do not drip water eliminating the water area phenomenon of the garbage transfer station, causing the two-time pollution.

Advantages of misting deodorization system:

  • A large amount of misting and fine fog can quickly and efficiently remove volatile organic compounds, inorganic compounds, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, thiols, and other primary pollutants, and all kinds of stench;
  • Such as Energy-saving, reliable, PLC automatic control surface of the system, intuitive operation, safe automatic pressure relief, automatic water shortage and power failure system, system service life, the vast application range of the system, suitable for deodorization in different industries and different sites.

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