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Know about the five stages of cleaning performed by expert home cleaning services

What happens the moment you hire a professional house cleaning team? They always follow their standard procedure to ensure the job has been accomplished best. Experts will always help prevent all types of safety and health risks.

If you are hiring a professional house cleaning team, you can trust that the cleaning will be effective. You can search for the best home cleaning service online. The expert house cleaning team will always ensure that the surface has been prepared in advance.

What includes in the house cleaning stages?

Their cleaning task is generally performed by the expert team in stages. This is to ensure that nothing is left out during the task. The entire process followed by the expert team are listed below

  1. Pre-cleaning task

This certainly is the first stage. This is also called the preparation stage. The team will remove loose substances, dust, and debris from the surface. That task is best performed as surface dusting.

If you are hiring an expert cleaning team, they will use a disposable towel or microfiber material to perform this task. This stage is also the key to preparing for the next stage of cleaning.

  1. Main task

This is generally called the main cleaning stage. During this stage, the team will get rid of debris and grease. The stage is immediately followed once the pre-clean stage is accomplished. To effectively perform this stage the team will mop the surface that has been dusted.

The team may also make use of the hot water and detergent solution during this stage. The team will spend more time performing the cleaning task of the house.

  1. Rinse stage

Rinsing is important. It helps in getting rid of stains from the surface. This is also the stage when the team will make use of cleaning tools and equipment. Some of the essential tools may include squeeze, Microfiber cloth, mop, wiper, Spray Bottle etc.

The general rinse task is done to the accessories and furniture that are a part of the room. The team will not touch the floor till this time.

  1. Disinfecting 

Disinfecting is the most important stage. During this stage, the team will expect the surface to be germ-free. The top surface has to be disinfected; they will make use of the quality solution to perform this task. In general, the team will always select mild chemical disinfectants.

They will ensure that only quality products have been used. The task will be performed by the expert team members only. The team will also disinfect the doors and windows. The floor will also be covered during this stage.

  1. Final rinsing

Once the disinfecting task is done the team will also get started with the final rinsing task. Mopping the floor is an important task that will be performed by the team.  

Once all the above stages have been performed the team will allow the surface to dry out naturally. The final inspection is carried out by the senior team member. The same routine will be followed every day.

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