Learn 10 awesome ways to recycle your glass bottles

10 awesome ways to recycle your glass bottles

Everyone accumulates empty glass bottles at home, and they take up a crazy space before they go into the container. Here are ten ways to recycle them to have a personalized decoration at home while doing a gesture for the environment!
Some of these tips involve cutting the bottle, so here are 10 tips that will walk you through how to recycle your glass bottles.
Now that you have mastered the technique, here are some decoration ideas.

1. Festive bottles

So, With a little paint and some decorations, you also can add some quirky touches to the mood of the party you are celebrating. You can make Halloween or Christmas bottles or even a simple flower to set the tone of spring or sun to remind summer.
Pumpkin and Ghost bottles
Painted wine bottles
Top Christmas DIY Ideas found on Pinterest
Young craze
More cute ideas for wine bottle decor.
Add a candle to the top!

2. Photos in bottle

Why put your photos in a frame when you can display them in a much more original way? Wash the bottle first with soap and scrub well to remove the labels. Leave to dry.
Limão e canela – Perca peso com a receita but tradicional that exists.
So, Now roll up the photo you want to put in the bottle. Use a brush or other long object to insert the photo into the bottle. Once placed inside, try to open it a little (not completely, it should remain rounded for a better effect).
FaithTap Archives
For a “professional” touch, don’t hesitate to fill your bottle first with gravel or small pebbles, or even sand, and then decorate the outside.
How to Turn Old Bottles into Picture Frames
DIYNetwork.com creates a beach-themed picture frame with an empty wine bottle, seashells and beach sand.

3. To feed the birds

So, This is an original and cute way to recycle a glass bottle. And as a bonus, you make new feathered friends.

4. Design vase

Long-necked bottles (like vodka bottles) are great for creating very artistic vases. Just stick some zig-zag Scotch on the bottle. Then spend a bomb for the coloured touch. Once the paint is dry, you can gently peel off the Scotch. And There you go! You have a unique and trendy homemade vase!

5. Bedside lamp

You can customize a lamp with a bottle of beer. Vintage effect guaranteed!
Homesthetics – Inspiring ideas for your home.
34 Fascinating Upcycling DIY Wine Bottle Projects to Refresh Your Interior Design.

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6. Natural vase

So, You know how to cut a glass bottle also, you can experiment (carefully!) To make your vases.
Recycle your wine bottles

7. Self-sufficient herbs

It is always difficult to keep your herbs and aromatics well in the kitchen. So that they do not die in a week, you can make a small watering system for your plants, as in the photo.

8. Candlesticks

Recycling your bottles into candle holders for a romantic touch to your interior and let a subdued and warm atmosphere spread throughout your cosy little nest. Sounds like a fairy tale!
The official home for all things Disney
Metallic candle holders made from empty Barefoot Wine bottles would make elegant decor this holiday season.

9. Tree in bottles

An original idea for the garden!
Love to put different colour bottles on here, clear ones; you can empty a bottle of fingernail polish on the inside, twist the bottle as it runs down.
I use iridescent or sparkly colours that catch the sun.

10. Candleholders

By cutting a bottle, you can use it as a tealight to put your tea lights. Consider decorating it beforehand to give it a unique touch.
How to make Wine Bottle Candles
Lovely Greens glass wine bottles can also make creative and beautiful glasses, storage containers, votives, and candles.
It’s great to think that we can recycle everything we consume! We not only do a gesture for nature, but above all, it is very fun to achieve, and the possibilities of decorations are endless!

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