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Learn about Australian Permanent Residency pathways from professionals

Thousands of international students studying in Australia dream of obtaining an Australian Permanent Residency (PR). It has various advantages, but the application process for PR is time-consuming. There are numerous options for getting a Permanent Residency in Australia. For example, Student Visa (500) or Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) Visa have three options for obtaining PR. To obtain Pr, you must meet specific criteria. First, you must have your expertise assessed by Engineers Australia or ACS. You’ll need to create an RPL or CDR report that details your general performance, work experience, and educational qualifications obtained while studying or working.

Benefits of an Australian Permanent Residency  

In order to obtain many benefits if you get Australian PR as follows:

  1. Continue to stay in Australia indefinitely
  2. Enrol in Medicare, Australia’s national health scheme.
  3. Qualify for Australian citizenship
  4. Apply for a bank loan to purchase a home.
  5. Sponsor relatives for permanent residency if they meet certain criteria

Eligibility Criteria

The following are the requirements for meeting the eligibility or suitability criterion for permanent residency:

  1. First, a person’s age must be less than 45 years
  2. Permanent Residency requires a minimum of total 65 points.
  3. Engineers Australia and the ACS are the skill assessing body 
  4. Medical and character assessments must be satisfactory.

Pathways to Permanent Residency

You can achieve PR through various options, including skill, business, and work visas. For international students, the following are the most popular paths:

  1. Skilled Independent Visa(Subclass 189)
  2. Skilled Nominated Visa(Subclass 190)
  3. Skill Work Regional/ Provisional Visa(491)

Permanent Residency with a Temporary Graduate Visa

You can apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 and then apply for permanent residency. Furthermore, this visa allows overseas students to live and work in Australia for two years after completing their education.

Assume you are unable to meet the requirements for a Skilled Independent Visa. In that situation, a Temporary Graduate Visa can help you stay and work in Australia while you enhance your English language skills or get valuable job experience. It assists you in demonstrating permanent residency after you have obtained permanent status.

 You must estimate the following points while applying for a Temporary Graduate(Subclass 485) Visa:

  1. Candidates for the visa must have finished a course in Australia for at least two years.
  2. The Post-Study Work Stream and Graduate Work Stream Visa are two work-streams associated with the Temporary Graduate Visa. Also, Permanent Residence Visa applications are submitted directly through the DIBP Work stream system.

This visa category is for workers who are Australian employer sponsors. This stream includes the following visa categories:

1. Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa

This visa type is suitable for highly qualified employees. This, on the other hand, does not necessitate any sponsorship.

2. Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190) Visa

This visa is for skilled workers who a state or territory in Australia has nominated. Similarly, you must demonstrate that occupations on the Skilled Occupation List exist to obtain this visa.

3. Skilled Regional/ Provisional (Subclass 491) Visa

You must meet the skill requirements and obtain sponsorship or nomination from a state or territory to be eligible for this visa.

4. The Australian Investor Visa(Subclass 891) 

The Australian Investor Visa (Subclass 891) is designed for immigrants who want to start a business or invest in Australia. You can work, reside, and stay in Australia indefinitely if you have an Australian Investor visa.

Overseas students who wish to stay in Australia after completing their studies apply for permanent residency. They can apply for a PR visa through the Skill Select program. The following visas are available to them:

  • Skilled Independent Visa
  • Employer Nomination Visa
  • Regional Sponsored Visa 

However, applicants must pass a skill assessment conducted by organisations such as Engineers Australia, ACS, or others. They will be eligible for an invitation to apply for a PR Visa if they pass the skill assessment.

Applicants can either pass the points test or take the mandatory SkillSelect. They can either stay in the nation by enrolling in more classes or seeking temporary visas.

Assume you want to continue your education in Australia. In that situation, the Australian government will extend their stay in Australia. You will be able to develop skills and certificates that will assist you in finding work in Australia.

Temporary Graduates’ Post-Study Work Stream Visa

International students who have earned a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree in Australia are eligible for the Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) visa, which grants them post-study work rights. Eventually, they can earn international work experience by working for two to four years.

The Graduate Work Stream is also available to students for 18 months. They are eligible if they graduate with the skills and occupations listed in the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List.

Skill assessment is required for ICT professionals if they want to be eligible for a PR in Australia. If you are new to the topic, you can rely on expert help. Professionals with years of experience know how to write high-quality reports that meet the ACS requirements. Among other things, make sure to follow grammar rules, avoid plagiarism, and show your report as authentic and immaculate. moreover, hiring such professionals ensures the success of your project. Apart from that, as an ICT applicant, you will be able to save time that may be better spent on other aspects of your Australian immigration preparation. ACSRPLAustralia has a long history in the field of RPL report writing. Lastly, you can get RPL samples, plagiarism-free content, employment reference letters from ACSRPLAustralia for reference purpose. 

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