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Traditional landline Internet providers like Comcast or AT&T are not accessible in most rural regions. Cable providers only provide services in densely populated urban or suburban regions. Providers would have to dig trenches to extend wirelines to the country to deliver cable broadband access to rural communities. Unfortunately, since fewer customers per mile in rural regions than in metropolitan areas. Many providers do not believe it is worthwhile to build trenches.

DSL is sluggish, and its speeds aren’t guaranteed

In some remote regions, DSL Internet is provided via a local phone provider. Even if DSL is accessible. Speeds might vary greatly depending on how distant you are from the phone company’s central office. Because most DSL providers do not guarantee their speeds. Even if you are near the phone company center, your speeds may be variable.

Satellite Internet is unpredictable and sluggish

Internet with Satellite, such as ViaSat, HughesNet, and comlink are another alternative for rural location. If DSL or cable broadband is unavailable. Satellite broadband, on the other hand, is infamous for being sluggish and unreliable. Because data travels 88,000 miles via and from satellites, latency and high ping rates may concern satellite Internet customers. This is especially aggravating while playing games online. In addition, heavy rains and thunderstorms might entirely block the signal, affecting the quality of your satellite Internet service. To control network congestion and traffic, satellite Internet providers impose bandwidth restrictions. This implies that each customer’s connection is limited to a specific quantity of data or bandwidth. If you go above those restrictions. You might face a costly overage tax or your Internet connection lowered to dial-up rates.

Mobile hotspots internet are costly and scarce

Another alternative for remote regions is mobile hotspots. You may use your cell phone as a mobile hotspot or buy mobile hotspot equipment from a cellular operator such as Verizon or AT&T. However since most mobile hotspots have data restrictions, mobile hotspots may be costly. If you exceed your data restrictions, you may charge overage costs or have your speed severely slowed. Furthermore, mobile hotspots may not operate if you reside in a very rural place where cell service is unavailable.

Comlink internet is limitless, quick, and dependable!

Comlink is here to assist you! We provide 4G LTE high-speed wireless broadband that covers all of your internet requirements. Comlink dedicates to offering high-speed Internet to rural locations across the Central Valley. We are a fixed wireless Internet provider with all of our towers within 10 miles of your location. Ensuring that our Internet service is stable and has low latency. We also have available data, meaning we don’t have any data limits. Our speeds assure, and based on your needs; we may provide speeds ranging from 5 to 100 Mbps. To get started with us, we don’t demand a contract or a credit check. There are no pricing differences, so relax and enjoy yourself. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Call our helpful sales staff at +1-855-925-4573 or you can E-Mail us at

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