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Learn How Can You Reset Your Google Chromecast

Even if the TV to which your Google Chromecast is connected isn’t web-connected, it can instantly link you to a world of intelligent entertainment. But occasionally your Chromecast might need to be reset, just like any other piece of technology. You might wish to erase your data from your Chromecast before upgrading if the device has ceased functioning properly or if you’re thinking about getting a new one. Regardless of the cause, we have created this tutorial to help you reset each Chromecast model.

Google TV and Chromecast reset easily

The first Chromecast model with an onscreen interface is the most recent version. In order to provide a quick-access landing page with suggested movies and TV shows based on your interests, Google TV analyzes all of your subscription services (Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video). It is the first Chromecast product that includes a remote and to allow casting from sources other than mobile devices.

There are two ways to factory reset your Chromecast with Google TV if necessary. Both are covered below.

From the Chromecast device, reset

Every Chromecast product has a physical reset button that is situated next to the device’s power port. Press and hold the reset button to start the reset procedure. Your Chromecast will begin to blink in the color yellow. Till the LED light turns completely white, keep holding the button. This proves that the factory reset worked as intended.

Using the voice remote for the Chromecast

Using the included control, you can also reset your Chromecast with Google TV. Make sure your TV is set to the input to which your Chromecast is attached before you start. Select Settings in the top right corner of the Google TV home screen after choosing your profile avatar. Next, choose System>About, and finally Factory Reset.

Chromecast (2nd/3rd generation) and Chromecast Ultra reset

The second and third-generation Chromecast versions (as well as the Chromecast Ultra) let you broadcast content from your choice iOS/Android mobile device to your TV using the time-tested casting mechanism. This generation of Chromecast devices is among the best thanks to a hardware improvement from the second to third-gen versions and the addition of 4K HDR compatibility with the Chromecast Ultra.

Read on to learn how to reboot any of these three models if you need to.

Using the Chromecast

Continue to hold down the reset button on the back of the Chromecast while it is powered on physically. You’ll notice the orange blinking of your Chromecast. The factory reset will start when the LED turns completely white.

Google Home app usage

We’ll go over how to reset both Android and iOS smartphones in this section. Start with Android first. Pick up the mobile device that has the Google Home app loaded. To reset a Chromecast device, open the app, select the device, and then select Settings. Tap More (three dots) in the upper right of the page, then select Factory Reset.

Open the Google Home app on an iOS device, select your Chromecast device, go to Settings, and then select Remove Device. Hit Factory Reset next, and then tap it again to confirm the reset.

Chromecast (1st generation)

The initial Chromecast, or the one that started it all, introduced app-casting to the world of streaming media. The original Chromecast may be reset to factory settings in two different ways.

Using the Chromecast

Hold down the reset button on the bottom of your Chromecast for around 25 seconds while it is connected to the TV. Red blinking will start on the solid LED. Release the button when the LED begins to flash white. After that, your Chromecast will start the reset procedure.

Google Home app usage

Open the Google Home app on your Android device, then tap your Chromecast device. Choose Settings, then More (three dots), and finally Factory Reset. Open the Google Home app on an iOS device, select your Chromecast device, go to Settings, and then select Remove Device. Tap Factory Reset on the following page, and then tap it again to finalize the reset. All there is to it is that.

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