Maurice Rousetty | Finance options for startups in Australia

Maurice Rousetty | Finance options for startups

The process of getting financing is a significant move in your journey to becoming an entrepreneur. It is also the initial step towards great success. Here are 6 ways to obtain financing. Pick one, but consult with a professional prior to making any major decision about the amount of money you have.

Small business loans

Small-scale business loans can be accessed from a variety of sources – the banks and credit unions or even the boutique lending service. Like all loans, you need to apply for them. There will be a rate of interest and you will have to pay on a regular basis.
Below, we’ve listed a variety of loans that you can apply to:

  • A loan for equipment is a loan that is specifically for small businesses to purchase equipment.
  • the working capital loan is a type of loan that is used to control fluctuating revenue due to seasonality or other reasons. A majority of them are insecure and a majority have a short-term nature.
  • A Maurice Rousetty small business credit line Your business may take advantage of a line of credit whenever it is needed. There is a limit but it can be useful to aid in managing things when finances become a little small.


  • The process of borrowing money from a bank typically involves working with a reliable institution, and you’ll feel secure taking out loans.
  • There are clearly defined terms and conditions.
  • The process of getting a loan from banks is a stamp that proves you’re on an excellent thing because banks do not lend to businesses that are risky.
  • It is required that you prepare an outline of your business. This is beneficial because it forces you to think about your business however, the majority of startups typically throw away their business plans at the beginning because things can rapidly change in the world of startups.


  • It is possible that you won’t receive the total amount you ask for.
  • The process of applying isn’t always easy.
  • Excellent for the short-term But not ideal for use over the long term.

Always do your research before committing. Meet with someone who has experience in financial matters before you approach an institution to lend money.

Angel investors

These are usually wealthy groups or individuals that invest in startups for the purpose of coaching, and to encourage those who are able to succeed. They’re generally experts in their field and are eager to support those who have an idea that is great but need capital.

They usually remain quiet and are willing to assist you with their help in a discreet manner. Because it’s their money that is being invested, they will often want to have to be involved in the way the business is managed.


  • A kind person with personal wealth with having fewer strings than a financial institution.
  • It could be a better deal than the bank.
  • Chance to work with an experienced and knowledgeable mentor for your team.


  • You may be obligated to someone who holds different opinions from yours.
  • Terms and Conditions may be almost anything the Angel desires.
  • It is not an official lending institution, therefore less secure.

Venture capitalists

While it can be seen as a positive thing but it’s not suitable for all. Venture capital is designed for companies that are based on technology and have a great chance of growth in new areas.

You sell a part of the ownership in your business as equity to gain investment. Venture capitalists expect to earn a substantial yield on investment because they take on the risk of your company.


  • You can accelerate the expansion of your company.
  • Once you’ve got it.
  • Venture capitalist companies can link with other companies to assist you in your development.


  • Investors are now able to own an equity stake in your business
  • Investors can expect big outcomes.
  • It can be a time-consuming way of raising money.


This is when you seek to raise funds by asking people to donate money to you with the promise of a reward. This is great to use for marketing purposes too.

Because it’s a reward-based system that requires different levels of rewards. Additionally, you must honor the rewards.

A few crowdfunding websites include Kickstarter GoFundMe and Kickstarter IndieGoGo and other platforms. Australian crowdfunding options are The Birchal as well as the Pozible. Birchal provides people with the opportunity to earn the equity of your project instead of early access and rewards.


  • The specific audience that pays you cash is already your main customer base.
  • It is possible to raise more money than the initial request for investment.
  • A great way to promote your company.


  • There is no guarantee that you will get investment.
  • Fees for the platform can be significant.
  • You must service investors first, and then earn the promise of rewards before you can reach full production.
  • Reputation. If you invest money and do not produce, it will cause negative publicity for you.

Subsidies and grants from the government

Grants can be obtained at either a state or federal level. The application process is completed and waits to receive the funds if you are the application is successful. The variety of grants available is vast, and is often specific to an industry, and is sourced from the portfolio closely related to your particular area of business.

There are a lot of applicants for grants each year, which means the competition can be fierce.

The application process is equally difficult. It is necessary to provide an in-depth description of the work you’d like to be funded, and how it can benefit people in the area, as well as an estimated work plan, and many more.


  • If you receive the grant, the cash is yours. There’s no need to pay back grants.
  • Once you’ve been granted one grant, the chances of receiving a second or third grant increase.
  • Positive publicity – you earn the reputation of being a “good business’ when you do good with your grants.


  • They take a long time to submit an application. You must weigh the return on Investment (ROI) in relation to the work you put into.
  • A lot of competition. There are many people who want the grant money you’re seeking as well.
  • You must be precise about how you plan to use the funds. If you use it for other purposes it will be penalized should you submit further grants.

Personal investment

Do you want to invest in the company yourself? It may seem like the right thing to do – it’s YOUR money and your company and you are free to make it work however you want. If the company does not grow or fail, you are the one to pay that’s lost, not the money of someone else.


  • It’s your money and you are free to make use of it as you want.
  • You know precisely how much funds you’ve got. In contrast to banks who might loan you less than what you require You know exactly how much you’ll be able to get.
  • Knowing the amount of money you have will help you budget better and make better plans.


  • Since it’s your money, if it goes away, you’ve lost all your savings.
  • If you refinance your home and your business suffers the property is your home, as well as assets that could be lost, too.
  • A lack of separation between life and work can create a blurring of the line. You could put more money into the company since it’s the money you own. The balance between work and life may be skewed.

Important lessons to take away

Sometimes, you require helping assistance to bring your business to the next stage or to finance projects that lift your business to the top of the heap.

The Entourage recognizes that, which is why we recommend that you set your sights high and achieve your goal. We offer workshops on how to manage your business financials take a look and let us assist you in raising money and improving your own.

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