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Migrate Gmail to iCloud Directly Along with Complete Data

The Best Way to Export Multiple Gmail Folders at Once

Are you attempting to switch from Gmail to iCloud but are unable to do so due to the data that cannot be left behind? To that end, we must inform you that you can now do so by syncing your Gmail data with your iCloud account. Do you wish to learn how? You must migrate Gmail to iCloud for this, and we will explain how to do so as well.

Switching accounts is now very simple because even if you stop using one account, you can still access its data in another account by migrating it first. You have the option of migrating the entire folder as well as all of its properties.

As a result, in order to familiarise you with the method that enables such data migration, we offer you a dependable and highly efficient solution. So, take a look at it down below.

A Highly Efficient Solution to Migrate Gmail to iCloud

The Gmail backup tool is the solution that allows you to move all of your Gmail folders at the same time. It’s a fantastic method for migrating data from any number of Gmail accounts. As a result, you should be aware that you are not limited to a single account, but can create as many as you need.

The nice part about this approach is that you may transfer any amount of data in a single step, no matter how large it is. Yes, you can migrate Gmail to iCloud in a few simple steps, completing your work in a matter of minutes.

So, you must understand that procedure in order to know what measures to follow to complete your data migration. So, the instructions are provided below; please read them carefully.

Detailed Instructions for Exporting Gmail Emails to iCloud

  • Download the Gmail Email to iCloud Migration Tool. Once downloaded; install and run it.
  • Click on the open tab in the menu bar; once the drop-down menu appears, select Add Account.
  • You will now need to enter your Gmail credentials and then you need to hit the Add button.
  • After verifying your account credentials, the approach will upload all your attached folders.
  • Go to the Export tab on the menu bar and then select IMAP from the drop-down menu.
  • Provide the app with your iCloud account credentials and then hit the Save button.

After clicking the save button, you will find that your migration process has started. Well we have to tell you that it will only take a few moments and as soon as it is ready you will be notified.

So, this is how you can use the approach to migrate Gmail to iCloud, which seems easy as you have to go through some steps by clicking on the two tabs. So you can consider these as the first benefits for you. Now let’s look for the other benefits you will enjoy with this Gmail email to iCloud migration tool.

Read out Some Advantages of the Proposed Approach

  • Migrate Gmail to iCloud in batch with complete folders like inbox, outbox etc.
  • Allows you to migrate only selected folders and leave the unnecessary ones.
  • Provides you with a preview of all emails and attachments associated with your Gmail.
  • You can find specific emails or attachments from specific time periods or email addresses.
  • You can add the email headers to each of your emails before migrating them to iCloud.

In Conclusion

To help you migrate Gmail to iCloud, we have offered you a suitable approach. It is an all-in-one method that allows you to migrate multiple folders at once. It also offers you several features to help you complete your task as easily as possible. So all we can say is that you should try this approach for an easier data migration journey.

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