Most Custom Boxes Manufacturers Make the Following Types of Boxes

Custom Boxes

There are many different types of custom boxes used by companies and brands for a variety of purposes.

At YBY Boxes, our corrugated boxes are available in different sizes, weights, colors, and materials suitable for various applications.

Businesses such as manufacturing companies, electronic commerce companies, subscription box companies, etc. We work with marketing and advertising agencies to create high-quality products for our clients. Using our manufacturing procedures and technologies, we can design and manufacture a box for your company that is customized to you. This box will protect your products more effectively than standard-size boxes.

You can learn which type of corrugated container is suitable for your business below. In addition, you can get a quick overview of the different types of corrugated containers available.

Boxes For Businesses of All Kinds

To meet the needs of a company’s shipping needs, they require solutions that are stronger, more bulk-friendly, and of higher quality than those that are used for residential packaging or shipping.

In most businesses that ship or distribute products, there are at least one of the following types of boxes used:

Due to the fact that these boxes are highly durable and that they come with a wide opening, these boxes are the ideal ones for shipping goods. This is because they are both highly durable and spacious. Additionally, these customized boxes are guaranteed to be 100% recyclable, making them a superb option when shipping.

It is easy to find corrugated boxes in various designs, including fold-and-fold, custom-printed designs, and corrugated boxes are among the most cost-effective and reliable shipping methods in existence today.


In terms of user experience, rigid boxes provide a more luxurious experience than other boxes. This is due to their sleek, sturdy style, giving them a classier look than other boxes.

Typically, a smartphone arrives in a small box similar to a shoe box or a container – and the recipient’s attention is immediately drawn to the item.


There are several situations where such action can be valued and used to achieve the desired outcome, which can make it useful in some cases. Essentially, the purpose of these measures is to prevent, or at the very least, minimize the loss of valuables that have been damaged or are in danger of being damaged in the future.

The strength of its natural edges and its appearance makes it no different from even the strongest wood. Hard knocks, broken glasses, and even dropped objects can cause damaged or broken glasses or other objects to be damaged or broken in the future. Other factors that may result in their destruction also include environmental factors.

They’re Foldable:

It is also known as a carton. These boxes, also known as cartons, are lighter, thinner boxes that don’t have layers of corrugated boxes. However, they still offer a wide range of options.

As a consumer, you are probably familiar with the concept of boxes that fold when you purchase lipstick tubes or frozen food items from your favorite store.

You can easily customize and customize these boxes with a range of sizes and shapes, and they are easy to assemble as well. It’s easy to transport them since they’re so light.


  • The term ‘mailers’ refers to two kinds of containers commonly used in the shipping business – postal envelopes and postal boxes.
  • A mailer envelope is a large packaging envelope ideal for sending fragile or lightweight items such as documents.
  • The self-locking folds on many mailer boxes, especially those belonging to the C series, can be opened as pizza boxes.
  • YBY Boxes is unique in that you can customize every piece of a box. Including your business logo. Which makes it stand out from the competition.
  • There are some custom boxes that you can choose from. Including shipping boxes from RSC Packaging. Malingers from the C series. And end loading boxes.

Boxes From RSC

Corrugated cardboard boxes are generally used as regular slotted containers. Or RSC shipping boxes are commonly referre威而鋼
d to as regular slotted containers.

There are various options available for shipping products. But some of the more popular ones are based on the amount of the package.


A variety of sizes and weights can be accommodated by tailoring them to your needs. There’s a chance that when you consider traditional methods for shipping. You’re probably thinking about RSC packaging boxes for shipping.

Even though they are ideal for transport. You may want to avoid stacking them once they have been assembled,

The weight of one without the other may not be able to support the weight of the other.

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