Moth Control: Why is it Important?

Moth Control: Why is it Important?

Moths look like butterflies and are winged pests. They are part of the Lepidoptera family. There are approximately 160,000 moth species worldwide. Although they don’t bite people, moths can cause severe damage to food, clothing, and upholstery products. These pests can be free to roam around the garden. It is important to eliminate them. Moth Control Melbourne and Pest Control Mickleham Specialists can be hired to remove these pests. These moths can be a problem if they aren’t controlled in a timely manner. This is why moth control is so important.

Moth Control Keeps Clothes Clean

Clothes moths can cause serious damage to fabrics. Fabrics are ruined by the larvae of moths. These insects crawl on clothes made of leather, wool, and cotton. The moth dander, holes, and stains can be found on clothes damaged by the moths. The moths can cause skin allergies when the clothes are worn by humans. Large-scale destruction is caused by clothes moths in commercial and residential areas.

It is important to control moths in order to protect vintage clothes and clothing inventories. Experts are skilled in many techniques and can recommend different products to eradicate moths.

Pest Control Prevents Food Contamination

Pantry moths can attack many types of products, including cereals, nuts, and flour as well as spices, candies, and dried fruits. Sometimes, these pests can contaminate food products by laying eggs. An adult female pantry moth can lay hundreds upon thousands of eggs. It is dangerous to leave moth infestations untreated. Mothballs are not allowed in food pantries and food warehouses. Experts know the best ways to get rid of larvae and adults moths, without causing damage to food inventories.

Specialists in Pest Control Melbourne can eliminate pantry moths using a plan. They inspect the area and determine where they are breeding. They seal the entry points to stop moths from entering the area.
Professionals spray pesticides on the area or use a fumigation device to spread the chemicals. Moths can now be exterminated with pesticides that are non-obtrusive and safe for their health. The experts then remove any dander and disinfect the area.

Professional treatment protects upholstery products

Moths can cause damage to carpets, rugs, sofa covers, doormats and other upholstery products. These pests will chew upholstery and cause damage. Moths lay eggs underneath carpets. Human health can be affected by dander in carpets. It is important to contact professionals as soon as you notice signs of an infestation.

Bonus Tips: How to Prevent Moths

Moth infestations can cause serious damage to homes and businesses. Moth control professionals can help. It is impossible to schedule professional services every day. To keep moths from eating your clothes and food, it is important to use these prevention tips.
– Brush your fur and woollen clothes every time you enter your house.
– Bedding and expensive dresses should be kept in airtight containers.
– Your house should be dry to repel pests.
– If you find any holes in the clothing, wash them with hot water. Moth eggs can be killed by hot water.
– All cracks, holes, and voids must be sealed.


Moth control is more than an option. It should be a priority. Moth infestations can cause financial loss. To ensure long-term protection, professionals must be hired every year. Experts use the most effective methods to kill moths and have access to the best products. Book the Pest Control Mickleham service right away to protect your clothing and food from further damage.

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