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Moving MBOX Data to PST Format for MS Outlook

Want to convert MBOX files into PST file format with email data like attachments? Or if you want to move your email data for the MS Outlook app, then this blog post will help you to find the best method to save complete MBOX email files into PST file format for the MS Outlook application.

As the MBOX files can be extracted from multiple email clients like Mac Mail, Eudora Mail, Entourage, PocoMail, and so on. The method must contain the features to convert all types of MBOX email files instantly and safely.

The amazing software CubexSoft MBOX to PST Converter utility is the best way to move all these kinds of MBOX files instantly through a simple step by step procedure.

This tool is available in both editions Mac OS & Windows OS. You can follow the steps of this tool with the required edition. In this blog, we are going to discuss both these methods (Mac OS & Windows OS) step by step.

Conversion of MBOX to PST on Windows OS

Step 1. Download the software and click the Add Files option after its installation process

Step 2. Now, choose the MBOX data for the process. (In this step, you can choose batch email data or just select the required MBOX files)

Step 3. After this, you can Preview the loaded MBOX data and click the Export tab.

Step 4. Choose the required output option (PST).

Step 5. Related options will help you to get the PST data in the required view and at the desired path of the computer system.

Step 6. Click the Convert tab to start the process and wait for the completion of the procedure.

After the completion of this process, you can upload the converted MBOX email files into any edition of the MS Outlook application.

MBOX File Convert to PST for MS Outlook on Mac OS

Step 1. Download and start the tool on your Mac OS computer.

Step 2. Click the Add Files tab if you want to convert the required file only. Or go with the Add Folders option if you want to convert batch MBOX email data.

Step 3. Now, choose the output option (PST) by clicking on the Next tab.

Step 4. Utilize the related options if required and click the Export tab to start it.

This edition of the tool will help you to get your MBOX email files into PST files with complete email properties on a Mac OS computer.

This process can be performed with any Mac OS edition with complete email data.

Features of the Best MBOX Converter

This MBOX file conversion software is the best way to move complete email data into multiple file formats and cloud apps including PST file extension. This software provides some amazing features so that every user can perform this process with unlimited MBOX email files:

  • It provides a simple interface for both Windows & Mac OS editions. This will help users to understand and follow the step by step procedure instantly.
  • The software is the most relevant utility as it includes options to choose all MBOX files for a single processing way.
  • The tool also helps users to move complete email properties like attachments, email hyperlinks, email images, and other text and non-text details of MBOX email files.
  • With this, users can convert all types of MBOX email files including non-extension files.

Free Online Download Software to Convert MBOX Files

The software is best for this process and also provides a free online download feature for all users. This free edition allows users to download it with Windows OS or Mac OS. Also, helpful to view and understand the step by step procedure of this amazing software without any error.

This edition is also providing options to move some email files into PST files directly. This will help you to move some MBOX files into the Outlook app for absolutely free.

I recommend that you must go with its free edition first to view and understand the processing of this amazing software. You can test the features and options of the software with this free edition. Its multiple output options will help you to get a better opportunity to get your MBOX email files into various file formats and cloud apps through a direct process.

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