Munir Ahmad – Everything You Need to Know about an Ecommerce Expert

When we talk about people who have made a name in the eCommerce business, there are many of them, but if we look for people who are not only famous for their work but are also for providing consultancy. Then there’s only one name, Munir Ahmad. Munir Ahmad has been providing his services as an E-commerce specialist for many years.

And now people want him to guide them about business ideas, how to grow an online business successfully, etc.

In the beginning, Munir Ahmad was a simple man, but when he started working with dedication and attention, he made his name in eCommerce. So, if people want to be recognizable in their lives, following this path will be effective. There is no need to demotivate if something goes off the track. Work consistently.

Munir Ahmad’s Achievements and Journey

Munir Ahmad achieved a lot, but it was not in the blink of an eye. He worked hard for over 16 years and still does. If we look up to him, we see that it’s not wrong to dream big when you have the courage and strength to make your dreams come true. He started working on Amazon with great team members.

Munir Ahmad opted to work for himself in 2015. And at that time, he was offered a big job in Dubai. He did not want to miss his chance, so he took advantage of it and moved to Dubai. There he acquired excellent skills in online business. This takes him to the next level of this professional career.

He also had the wonderful opportunity to work with well-known organizations such as WHO and YAS Perfumes. Now he is an experienced Amazon FBA Consultant.

After coming back to Pakistan, he has served Daraz.Pk for three years. Then he made investments himself for different online platforms such as GOTO.PK, ISHOPPING.COM, YAYVO.COM, CLICKLY.COM, etc. He didn’t let his love for e-commerce stop him from investing over $1 million in the development of his own portal, SHOPKER.PK.

Guidance about Amazon Private Label

As an Amazon FBA seller and Amazon private label services consultant, young entrepreneurs come to him with questions like what products they can sell on Amazon? Any product can be sold that falls under Amazon’s guidelines. But you have to delve deep into the statistics and look up the viability.

Clothing, baby products, beauty products, gourmet cuisine, health and personal-care items, industrial & scientific equipment, kitchen items, and others are commonly sold.

Through his endless efforts, we can explicitly see that he has worked relentlessly to rule the Amazon world by following the directions of an exceptional team leader.

E-commerce Planners (EP) and Training

Munir Ahmad is the CEO and Co-founder of Ecommerce Planners (ABN Solutions). He has set up his own agency. He employed more than 25 highly skilled employees. As an active trainer, his clients are from all over the world. He manages them in a very good manner.

He has also participated in a Bootcamp in 2019, where he learned a lot and got a chance to be better than before. He mainly learned technical training there. It was a famous saying that one experience is enough to change your life. The Bootcamp experience was like that for him.

Munir Ahmad’s life was like a roller coaster ride. There were ups and downs, but he didn’t break down, and now he proved himself by achieving commendable things in his life. People can seek guidance from their life.

He is also offering Hands-On Amazon FBA Private Label Training, you can also get enrolled in this course.


What is the difficulty in starting an online business?

Starting an online business is easy but requires a lot of effort. You can either create a website or an account on an online marketplace like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. However, if you want it to succeed, you’ll need to make more effort. Before starting an online business, it’s suggested to learn how the entire system works. If you don’t have enough time, seek help from an Online Business Consultant.

Is private label business financially viable?

You’ll need a good amount of money to get started for a private label business. In comparison to other business methods such as drop shipping, private labeling demands a significant financial investment. You will be supposed to pay for things in advance. A private Label business is financially viable and is more beneficial for you in the future.

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