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Do you have problems when it comes to taking notes in the classroom? I get it can be challenging for students to keep the track of all the notes. goglibooks

Also, do you face difficulties in finding previous exam papers? The question banks and etc. well don’t worry here in goglibooks, they provide new well researched notes to all grad students in a straightforward language. Here you will find all the notes well mannered and according to the required syllabus. Plus the bonus point is that everything available here on this website will be downloaded on your pc and mobile. 


What is googlibooks?

It’s a website that provides study materials for all classes of six different boards. From question banks to study notes and sample paper, you will be provided with everything. It also encourages individual learning while keeping home-school continuity. It also offers comprehensive learning programs.


Why choose googlibooks?

I know what you’re thinking: there are lots of websites that offer free notes and other resources, so why should you use Googlibooks? This website, on the other hand, is the most user-friendly. The majority of other sites redirect you to different sites, yet it has no such issues


Here in the question banks you just won’t find only questions but also the answers to every specific question. You can use this question bank to practice all the questions before the exam to reap the maximum benefits. And let me tell you from my personal experience those damn question banks were worth it. 


When it comes to the notes’ language, they are fairly simple to comprehend. You’ll be provided completely revised syllabus notes and won’t have any issues with the material. You will also find a variety of exams if you desire to take competitive exam assessments.


Courses in Marathi and Competitive Exams Complete information is provided, including all pertinent details: –

Exam Syllabus Exam Pattern

How to Get Started

How Do I Sign Up?


I hope this article was helpful for you. I know the exam pressure can be really annoying and hard.  Hope this article makes your daily life easier. If you like this article please share it with your friends and family.

There are so many notes-downloading website  for students to choose! And they aren’t all equal. Some are better to save your notes, some are better for backing the notes up to the cloud and syncs them to your computer, tablet, and smartphone. This is why it’s so important that you pick the right one if you want to be an efficient note downloading  for exam preparation. 

Taking notes can be a big challenge for students with learning and thinking differences. These notes–download websites  


Here are the Googlibooks, the best  website for students .GoogliBooks Is On The Mission To Provide Latest, Accurate and Updated Knowledge To Every Student With Student Friendly Notes, PDF, & Question Banks



The best site for CBSE previous year papers is Googlibooks. Though there are several sites available for the question papers .it is the best. What is different from others is a well organised and clean interface.


 Most of the other sites take you to different other sites, but there are no such problems with it. Googlibooks provides study materials for all classes of six different boards. The comprehensive study materials include syllabus, study notes, a question bank, sample papers and previous year papers for making students comfortable and confident with the exam pattern and score well in the exams all at one place. It also promotes independent learning while maintaining continuity form home and schools. It also provides overall packages for better learning


For both chapter wise and topic wise approaches, you can find Googlibooks question bank very useful like I did. You can get the question bank as an ebook  directly from the website. For science and maths, this book is a must-use study material as I found many questions come from the most-likely asked questions and answers section.

Unlike any other book, this question bank explains the answers elaborately, including the exam evaluators’ key points. You can use this question bank to practice all the questions before the exam to reap the maximum benefits. It helped me to score 97 percent in the CBSE board examination.


If you are searching for the best website for Board and graduation  sample papers for any college than, I suggest you the best E-learning platform “Googlibooks” that will provides you all the study materials at your finger tips.

Let me explain in brief :

If you want to cover all your concepts with better understanding in limited time period then use it  that is easily available on chrome provides you all the study materials at your finger tips.

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