People Still Believe These Myths About Carpet Cleaning!

When you have a carpet cleaning business, you will know how people fabricate stories related to rug cleaning. Sometimes it is hilarious; other times, it seems unfortunate that individuals hesitate to go for such an essential step because of some myths they hear about them. But yes, myths around carpet cleaning do exist! Well, no matter how much you feel irritated or frustrated by them, myths are rampant. So, you have two options – on the one hand, you have professionally clean and sanitized carpet (and home); on the other, an unclean and unhygienic home. And all because you believed in some myths!

Check if you believe in these carpet cleaning myths or not! 

Misconceptions are for busting and not for trusting. So, for thorough cleaning of your carpets, hire the professional services of carpet cleaning in Cannington named Carpet Cleaning for Perth. They will send across the best men to treat your carpets and even the advanced equipment to ensure that it dries instantly and stays germ-free for longer. Now that you are convinced of taking the necessary steps, let’s bust some myths!

  • You only clean the carpets when it is dirty

Strange myth, isn’t it? First of all, tell us when is your floor not dirty? (Apart from the time when a professional company deep cleans it!) It is the dirtiest part of the house because everyone walks on it! With shoes or without them is a secondary matter! Next, thanks to the gravitational force, even the slightest particle of dust on dirt in your house settles on your carpet! So, it has to be unhygienic even if it does not look dirty.

  • Vacuuming regularly does not clean it

We agree we support calling professional experts to clean your carpet regularly. But that does not mean that we are saying vacuuming does not clean it. Yes, it is one of the best ways to remove the dust, dirt, debris, and dust mites on your floor. And if you do it regularly, it will keep your surface hygienic. However, this is not everything required to keep it perfectly clean.

  • Mould is cultivated in carpet due to deep cleaning

We are sure whoever invented this myth tried to deep clean the surface themselves and forgot to dry them. Yes, if you carry out deep cleaning of such an essential part of your house and do not dry it well, mold particles are bound to appear in it. But, if experts do the task and thoroughly clean the entire area using the best drying technique and ensure it is completely dried, there won’t be any mold particles on your carpet for a very long time.

  • Baking soda is the jack of all trades in carpet cleaning 

This one goes for all those who love DIY cleaning of the surface. If you think that stubborn stains and the smell of your carpet can get erased because of baking soda, then you are highly mistaken here. It is, without doubt, a fabulous component to clean even the most stubborn stain, but it definitely doesn’t work every time. Sometimes you have to do a lot more than rub this particle on the carpet to get a fresh-smelling and thoroughly clean surface in your house.

  • New carpets don’t require cleaning

We wouldn’t have believed this misconception if we were you. Do you know that the manufacturing company delivers you the carpet after processing it in the packaging section and various other such factors? And there will be lots of people handling it and even the transportation with that matter. So how can you be sure that your carpet is still clean after passing via so many stages? Of course, it requires cleaning and vacuuming immediately after it arrives at your place.

Let us not forget that carpet cleaning is a crucial step that you should not ignore because of these myths. Remember, after all, your family’s hygiene and security are most important. Break those misconceptions now and call for a professional carpet cleaning session immediately.

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