Performance Car Tyres and their Benefits: Clear your Ideas

Being a car owner, you have to maintain your car tyres to ensure proper functions and performance. Your car tyres always function in an unfriendly environment. They face forces like friction and climatic factors like heat. Moreover, your tyres run on varied road surfaces with unchanged performance. Furthermore, changing weather conditions also increase the problem.

Thus, it is natural if your Summer Tyres Swadlincote show signs of wear and tear after some years. However, the rate of damage is slow for well-maintained tyres but you cannot bring the rate to zero. Factors like road conditions, heat, friction, and driving objects promote the rate of tread wear. Thus, experts say that you must check your tyres at regular intervals to avoid the risk of driving on bald tyres.

When your tyres are called bald?

Observe your tyres. If the tyres have little tread left, it means that your tyres are bald. In the UK, the legal limit for tread depth is 1.6mm. A new tyre has a tread of 8mm or more. The tread pattern will wear down slowly due to the factors we have mentioned above. You should not drive on bald tyres according to the legal guidelines in the UK. Moreover, not only legal but it is also your ethical duty to avoid driving on bald tyres.

You should stop driving on bald tyres while the tread reaches the legal limit. You should not let your tread reach the level of 1.6mm. You should change your tyres before they start to behave strangely because of the reduced tread pattern.

How is tread depth important?

Tread depth is the depth of grooves that is important to improve traction on the road surface. It is vital while the road is wet or full the substances like snow and mud. In these conditions, you need proper tread depth for safe driving. The braking and cornering abilities of tyres depend on adequate tread depth. Thus, you should not drive your vehicle on bald tyres.

How should I know that my tyres are bald?

You will observe that the surface of your bald tyres is smooth and you may observe the signs of uneven tread depth as well.

It is possible to check the tread depth of your tyres with the help of a penny coin. Place the coin in the groove. If you can see its head, your tyres are balding. Tread depth gauges are also available to check the tread depth. Nowadays, tyres come with tread wear indicators. They are visible only when the tyre is bald. Thus, if you can observe tread wear indicators, prepare yourself to change your tyres soon.

What are the common risks of driving on bald tyres?

Risks on wet surfaces:

Driving on bald tyres in rain can lead to aquaplaning. Standing water is dangerous for even tyres with proper tread depth. Bald tyres will not be able to handle water effectively to invite hydroplaning in wet conditions. This is a dangerous condition and may result in serious accidents on roads. Thus, you should use tyres with proper tread patterns and depth on wet roads.

Poor performance on snow

Winter tyres have sipes that can disperse water and snow very effectively. Bald tyres lose sipes. Therefore, they are unable to handle snow and ice efficiently. As a result, you could not turn or stop your car optimally on snow in the winter season.

Increased stopping distance:

Bald tyres will not stop at the correct distance. It seems a little thing but indeed, it is a clear invitation to an accident while you need to stop your vehicle urgently. Thus, change your tyres to ensure proper braking distance.

More punctures in your tyres:

A thick tread pattern functions as a protective layer for the tyre. it saves the tyres from punctures. But, bald tyres are thinner and they are more prone to punctures. A nail or piece of glass may easily pierce the body of your bald tyres.

Bald tyres lose air pressure quickly:

According to experts, bald tyres lose air pressure quickly when compared to tyres with normal tread depth. Thus, with bald tyres, you are driving with another risk of under-inflation.

More blowouts with bald tyres:

Air travels through the tread pattern to keep the tyres cool down. In the absence of proper depth, heat builds up quickly to cause a violent blowout. The bald surface of tyres increases the rate of friction and heat as well to invite blowouts in the middle of the road.

As you see, driving with bald tyres is highly risky. Thus, you should buy a new set of Cheap Tyres Swadlincote whenever you observe that your tyres are balding.

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