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Pineapple Hot Sauce with African Mofongo

Pineapple Hot Sauce

Pineapple is part of the traditional Thai sweet chili scorpion Pineapple hot sauce to create a distinct flavor profile known as Sweet Chili Pineapple sauce. Simple to prepare, this Sweet and Spicy Chili Sauce with Pineapple will replace all other dipping sauces in your life.

After making this simple Sweet Chili Pineapple hot sauce at home, you won’t want to buy it from the store again. Ingredients such as chili flakes, sugar, and vinegar combine to create this stunning sauce. Pineapple gives the sauce a nice zing.

This sauce can be available for various purposes with just the proper amount of heat and sweetness. It can be prepared in just 20 minutes. Therefore, you should try this sauce the next time you find yourself short on the sauce.

You may get some Thai Sweet Chili Sauce from any Asian grocery store for a low price. But when you see the contents, you won’t believe it. Sweet chili scorpion pepper hot sauce is easy to create at home, so there’s no reason to buy a store-bought one that likely contains artificial ingredients.

Be the part of dingolayhotsauce to experience the delicious hot sauce recipe and serve it to your guests in the upcoming home parties.

How you can serve pineapple hot sauce?

  • Pineapple and apple cider vinegar complement a wide variety of dishes.
  • Sandwiches with grilled or breaded chicken (or a vegetarian/vegan chicken equivalent) and mayonnaise are my favorite in this scorpion pineapple hot sauce. You can’t go wrong with a sandwich featuring our Italian Chicken Cutlet.
  • This pairs well with grilled steak, too. One of my favorite steaks is a skirt or flank steak is marinate up in rosemary and garlic.
  • Use it as a spread on toast or a dipping sauce for bacon or sausage for a delicious breakfast.
  • The protein content in pork chops, seafood, tofu, and beans is high.

Use scotch bonnet pepper sauce as a seasoning on roasted vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, or broccoli. You can toss it into a taco salad; sprinkle it over spicy pickled onions for nachos. Toss it with some neutral oil and shredded cabbage for a fresh, acidic slaw, or mix it into a taco salad.

Having pineapple hot sauce with African Mofongo is the best option

Quick and simple to prepare, all you need to do is collect the scotch bonnet hot sauce ingredients and throw them in a pot. In roughly 15–20 minutes, it will be ready to eat. That’s all there is to it! The next time you’re craving Thai food but don’t feel like making your sauce, remember that you can always pick up a jar at your local Asian market.

It’s simple to customize to your tastes by adjusting the ingredients. Just use water if you don’t like pineapple. Use chili flakes instead of birds-eye chilies if you can’t find them. Make some adjustments to make it more to your liking.

1. Cooking with No Crap

You’ll want to keep this adaptable scotch bonnet sauce because it’s a no-junk recipe. You’ll want to kiss your fingers since it’s so reliable.

2. Easy in storage

You can store this sauce in the freezer for up to three months. Wrap them individually, label them, and store them in the freezer for later use.

3. High in nutrition value

Nutritionally, this Sweet Chili scorpion pepper hot sauce is vegan by default and may be made gluten-free by substituting Tamari sauce.

FAQs: Questions people often ask

  1. When stored in a fridge, for how long will this last?

Put this sauce in a sealed container and use it within two weeks.

  1. Is freezing pineapple hot sauce possible?

You can prepare this scorpion pepper hot sauce, put it in the freezer, and use it within three to six months. The acidity of the sauce can be tempered by freezing it.

  1. What can I do to reduce the intensity of the peppers in this sauce?

One method to enjoy habanero chilies without getting burned is to clean the inner white membrane and seeds. The term for this practice is “deveining.” Please don’t touch your face unless necessary, and wear gloves.


Get ready to serve your guests with the delicious scorpion pepper hot sauce and turn your recipe into the tasty one. Stay tuned with us to learn about the ingredients and hot sauce recipe.

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