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Powerful Ways to Improve Your Hot Water Service System

Hot Water Service System

In cold countries, the need for hot water is throughout the year. In a country like Australia, 23% of energy is used to heat water. And this more than half of the hot water is used in bathroom, washing rooms and rest is used in the kitchen.

In US, hotels, government buildings, and utilities are all interested in deploying more solar thermal hot water service systems.

How To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission

Proper use of heat pumps can be a better option for this purpose. As Heat Pumps are the lowest emitters of these gases. Their consumption of energy is about one-third of the electric storage system.

The use of solar hot water service systems is another option. These can be chosen if you have a good roof area where proper access to proper sunlight is obtained. High-performance solar water systems are fewer emitters of greenhouse gas.

Hot Water Service
Hot Water Service

Types Of Water Heaters 

There are two types of water heaters: storage water heaters and continuous flow

  • Storage Water Heater: In this type of heater, an insulated water tank is used in which heated water is stored, and used as per requirement. These tanks can be of different types like copper, glass-lined steel, or stainless steel.Copper and glass tanks are considered best as they contain sacrificial anode that reduces tank corrosion. They have a warranty of about 5-10 years.
  • Continuous Flow Water Heaters: These only heat a required amount of water at a time. In this hot water service system, repeated use of heat or energy loss is not seen. These do not use a storage tank even. These heaters can be run on LPG, natural gas, or electricity. Their mounting is also easy whether out or in, only the place has to be properly ventilated.Heat pumps are safer to operate. Firstly, they do need any roof area to get mounted. They do not overheat or dump water in the hot season as the compressor switches off when reached the required temperature. The fans used in heat pumps can be noisy to disturb an area. So, it is better to install heat pumps in a place where the noise made does not bother anyone. This is one of the effective techniques to enable a hot water service system.

Types Of Heat Pumps

Air sourced heat pumps:  these pumps heat water after extracting heat from the air. Their function is similar to that of a refrigerator but in a reverse manner. Ambient air is used to heat a refrigerant, which converts the air to gas. The gas is then compressed to expel heat, which is transferred to the water. The refrigerant is expanded back to a liquid and the cycle repeats.

Air Source heat pumps have become much more efficient over the last few years and can now provide significant savings on energy bills.

Simply put, a heat pump is a device that is used to transfer heat from one place to another. It can be used for both heating and cooling purposes. It can either take heat from the inside and eject it outside (cooling), or it can take heat from outside and inject it inside (heating).

These hot water service pumps work better in warm and humid climates. But in the cold weather, their working slows down, as they are not able to absorb more heat.

Electricity is used to pump water or refrigerant around a loop buried in the ground or immersed in a waterbody. The enclosed water absorbs heat from the surroundings. These pumps usually provide both space heating and water heating for a home. Geothermal heat pumps can produce more than 4 units of heat energy for every unit of electrical energy used. They can work well in multi-residential applications, where plenty of space is available and the high capital costs can be spread over several users.

What can be done to reduce the usage of water?

Using less water can save money and energy.

  • Install taps and showerheads which are water efficient
  • Take a shower, and do not waste water unnecessarily.
  • Use eco settings for clothes and dishwashing.
Hot Water Service
Hot Water Service


These systems may use gas, electricity, or the sun as the source of energy. The hot water service system can be chosen according. To your household size and the climate of your country or region 

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