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Pre and Post Mobile App Launch: Mistakes To Avoid

Even after quality checking, your mobile app may fail after launch. Do you know why? Several reasons may contribute to an app’s failure to deliver expected results. But it is possible to make your app successful if you take a few precautions before and after launching the app.

Below are some useful ideas that can assist you in creating an engaging and high-quality app, so keep reading. But before that, find out the possible causes of an app failure.

Reasons why a mobile app may fail

There are several reasons why an app might not live up to your expectations, and here are a few of them. So, read on to see why an app could fail.

  • When it lacks uniqueness:Regardless of whether the app offers the same service as other apps, it can still be unique. Simply put, its value proposition must be strong. Apps that fail to prove their distinctiveness simply fail to attract users.
  • Inability to provide a positive user experience:If users find that using an app is too time-consuming, they will uninstall it. A delayed loading time or a lengthy registration process could be the cause of a poor user experience. Such factors might easily lead to a business app’s failure.
  • Not thoroughly tested:Major errors can be found and corrected during the app’s quality checking. Major issues can cause the apps to crash if they are not carefully tested. Your business would undoubtedly suffer as a result of a crashed app.
  • Poor marketing strategy:Marketing campaigns also play a significant role in an app’s success. A brand may see fewer app downloads if it fails to make effective plans to market an app. As a result, user retention will also be affected. These factors all harm the success of an app.

Avoid these mistakes before launching your app

The pre-launch phase includes more than just planning how you’ll launch the app successfully. It entails conducting extensive market research, planning how to construct the app, and devising a successful marketing campaign.

Furthermore, evaluating the mobile app’s quality is an important task. There is a risk of making mistakes at any of these stages, which could jeopardize the app’s success. Take a look at the following ideas, which a prominent app development services provider in India would also offer, to prevent making such mistakes.

Improper beta testing:

The goal of releasing an app is to make it useful to the users. But how can you understand if the app is beneficial or not if you don’t receive feedback from users? Now, through beta testing, you may receive feedback from consumers even before the app is released. It is carried out in a practical situation by a specific group of users at the end of the app development process. Obtaining user feedback before the app’s release provides a wonderful opportunity to detect and improve the app’s faults. As a result, beta testing is essential at this stage of app development.

App store optimization is a must:

You must consider how users will locate your app in the app store even before it is released. So, app store optimization is the right method that focuses on the app’s keywords and title to boost the app ranking. Make sure your app has a higher ranking so that it can be found among the thousands of apps in the app store.

Do not ignore market research:

An in-depth market analysis is critical during the pre-launch stage to help you prevent common mistakes. Furthermore, it aids in the identification of your target market as well as the targeting of the appropriate audience. You may learn a lot about your competition by conducting this study.

The pre-launch marketing campaign is crucial:

At the pre-launch stage, suitable strategic marketing is critical to attracting your target audience. You must prepare this marketing effort in advance of the app’s launch to get your target audience aware of it.

What not to do after you’ve launched the app

The post-launch stage of an app, according to a leading app development services provider in India, is equally important. So, let’s look at some of the mistakes you shouldn’t do once you’ve launched your app.

The lack of a post-launch maintenance service:

It’s not uncommon for minor issues to remain in your app after quality assurance. Such issues, on the other hand, can be inconvenient for your consumers, leading to app uninstallation. However, you can avoid this if you offer maintenance services after the app is launched, such as repairing technical faults. As a result, you must assist your clients by providing such services, which users will undoubtedly love.

Don’t forget to stay in touch with your customers:

Once you’ve released an app, you can’t avoid communicating with your users. This aids you in better resolving your clients’ problems. It not only ensures the success of the app, but also the growth of your company. So, once you’ve launched the app, don’t make the mistake of remaining disconnected from your clients.

App update releases are a must:

To stay competitive in the market, your app needs to be updated with new features. After all, because it lacks new features, an outdated app is unable to provide adequate services. As a result, you, as the app’s owner, are in charge of issuing helpful and relevant updates. Such frequent changes will also aid in the app’s effectiveness, something users will welcome.

Don’t ignore the reviews your clients share:

Take the time to read the feedback that consumers have left about your mobile app. This competitive market necessitates quick responses and actions. As a result, read and respond to the reviews that your customers leave, and respond to both positive and negative ones. Users always read reviews of an app before installing it, and these reviews have a big influence on whether or not they install it.


A mobile app is an excellent tool for growing your company. As a result, each stage of the mobile app development process is critical, and you must avoid making any mistakes at all costs. Hopefully, our suggestions will assist you in creating an excellent app that will propel your company to new heights. hire web developers India from top rated web development company in India for your future projects.


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