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Precautions To Take To Prevent Damage To Your Artificial Grass Lawn

Installing an artificial grass lawn is not unusual. You find these lawns installed at many different locations. These are the ideal choice for indoors and outdoors. The best advantage of a fake grass lawn is that you can install them on the terrace as well.

You can search for the best quality artificial grass lawn in the local store or online. Before you select the best quality artificial grass lawn you need to check with your requirements.

If your choice is wrong then you end up damaging the turf much earlier in time. Once damaged, in most cases, repairs can be expensive or impossible.

Common signs of damage

The damages can easily be visible on the surface of the grass lawn. If you have placed heavy furniture on the grass lawn it may be flattened down. If the grass lawn is over-exposed to rainwater then it gets damaged easily. 

If you park your vehicle very often on the grass lawn then it can get damaged. Pets can also damage the lawn if they are used to digging. In any case, taking precautions is the best solution to avoid expensive repairs.

Lumps and bumps

These are special types of damage that you may notice during a specific time of the year. Even if you notice the lawn is in good condition, but the damage can get severe with time, if not treated. If this happens you have to try and replace the infill material.

The lumps are also common if the topsoil has not been treated before installing the lawn. If the ground beneath is uneven then lumps may develop very often.

Placing the heat source nearby

Heat will easily damage the artificial grass lawn material. These are made up of plastic and will not resist extreme heat. This is one of the reasons why artificial grass lawns should never be installed in locations that receive extreme temperatures.

Try and avoid placing a heat source next to the lawn. In case you are used to smoking, then ensure you avoid smoking on the lawn. Fire pits should never be close to the grass lawn.

Avoid placing sharp items on the lawn

What type of chair and table do you use outdoors? Always check that the chair or table does not have a pointed base. Avoid lacing any tool on top of the lawn as well. Having pets means you may have to trim their claws very often.

Anything sharp can easily damage the artificial grass lawn. Taking precautions is the only best solution. 

Avoid chemicals

Do you feel that using chemicals on the grass turf is a good idea? Always avoid using chemicals on the turf. The grass lawn is made up of synthetic material but can easily get damaged if the chemical is harsh. You should never park your vehicle as well on the lawn.

If the lawn is not well maintained, then you may have to keep replacing it or repairing it very often. This can be an expensive option.

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