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Professional Review CIOB Guidelines

Professional Review CIOB Guidelines

The Professional Review is the last step to attaining CIOB Chartered Membership for most candidates. This review assesses whether you have the right skills, knowledge and experience or not. In other words, you must have these three things in the three main areas of competency; professionalism, management and occupational. Afterward, when you pass this exam, you will become a Chartered Member and be able to use the designation MCIOB.

Application for the Professional Review:

Academic and experience requirements:

You have to fulfill academic eligibility requirements. It must be with at least 3 years of related experience (5 years if your qualification is not in the built environment or is a non-honors degree). You must meet this requirement before you start preparing your application. In addition, You will need a Level 6 (degree) level qualification or higher to fulfill academic eligibility.


You need to be already a non-chartered member (Applicant) of the CIOB. If you are not an Applicant yet, we advise you to register for an online account. After that, apply for membership.

Download the Professional Review Form:

Hire a CIOB Professional Review expert to know which form you need to download.

Guidance notes:

You must read the guidance notes that you will get with the application form. Here, you will see the details of the supporting documents that you need to submit along with your application. For example, you may submit an up-to-date copy of your CV and a current record of your CPD.


Either your line manager or a client of yours needs to endorse your application. Besides that, a construction professional who knows you well can also endorse your application.

Which form for Professional Review CIOB:

There are three Professional Review forms. The one you will need depends on your experience and qualifications. After joining the CIOB at Applicant grade, choose the form for you from the options available by hiring an expert.

The Application Form is a PDF document. So, ensure that you use an official program like Adobe Reader to complete the application form. If you do so, you can save the information that you are putting in the document.

You are requested not to use a browser to fill up your application. It is because it may result in the information you have put in being lost.

We also advise you to download the document. After that, you need to open it with a PDF reader. It’s better to use Adobe Reader, which is free to download.

Guidelines for Professional Review CIOB application:

You must read the below-given guidelines before you start your application. The application comprises 5 sections. Completing all sections is a must before you submit your application. Here, everything must be in your own words about your career and the competencies you have earned.

Besides that, you will need to provide the following documents along with your application:

You need to hold your current membership before you apply.

A copy of your CV

Your job description

An organization chart that shows your name, position, and who you are responsible for and accountable to.

Your CPD record for the last 12 months (only needed if you have been in membership for one year or more)

Your forward action plan for the next year (it must include personal and company objectives).

To be kept in mind: The authority can process applications that include all of the things listed above. If anything is missing, your application will be delayed.

Tips for Professional Review:

  1. Read the guidance notes
  2. Use specific examples
  3. Generalizations
  4. Write using past tense
  5. Use first person
  6. Use CARL: circumstance, action, result, and learning
  7. Use all space provided
  8. Be honest about what you have attained
  9. Before you submit your application, you must check your spelling mistakes
  10. Don’t be put off, as attaining MCIOB will improve your career.

Other things you need to remember:

Read the guidelines for candidates before you complete your report. Here, you will come to know the process and what experiences you need to demonstrate in your report.

Clear specific, clear, and detailed examples of your competencies from your practice.

Ensure that it is about you and your experiences. For that, use sentences like ‘I did.

After each example, you should try to explain why you did that in the way described. Besides that, mention the advantages and disadvantages you made.

Superior applications will reflect practice giving indications of how candidates would do things differently in the future.

Make use of full sentences and paragraphs as per the requirement.

Use all the space you will have to describe and evidence your eligibility.

You should also keep self-evident comments like ‘Health and safety is a must for the organization’s brief. It’s wise to have an opener to a section. However, too much of this language sounds like a waffle. It is the personal example the authority, CIOB is looking for.

Maintain honesty. The assessor is not interested in prestigious multi-million projects. They need evidence of competency; the ability to under the limits of one’s competency and responsibilities. Besides that, they also need to know your ability to make ethical decisions and the commitment to learn and develop.

Remember to make your report free from any grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. The reason for this is that the PR Team will send your application back if finding it not proofread.


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