Reasons Why React JS is a Developer Friendly Technology

Reasons Why React JS is a Developer Friendly Technology


The constant trend to improve user experience keeps developers on their toes, forcing them to adapt to new technologies and trends that will yield better results. Thus, React JS is a technology that captures everyone’s attention due to its impressive features. However, the best thing is that you can measure its popularity by the fact that many applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix, and Instagram make use of React JS. So, here the question arises what makes React JS such a popular technology for creating attractive web and mobile apps? Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the top reasons that make React JS a developer-friendly technology.

React JS: Meaning

React is an open-source JavaScript library. You can commonly use it on the front end of web development to create user interfaces and reusable UI components. However, it first came into existence in 2011 for the purpose of Facebook’s internal use and was open-sourced two years later. After that, React JS took the tech industry by storm, alluring developers with an easier learning curve, lightning-fast development, and a thriving community of React developers ready to help anytime. So, if you want to make a career in this domain, React JS Training in Gurgaon is the best alternative you can entrust for your professional growth.

Top Reasons for Popularity of React JS

Due to the following reasons, React JS is a popular technology for creating excellent web and mobile apps.

     ● Easy to Learn & Master

First of all, let’s start with the basics. Before using the technology to create web and mobile apps, you must understand its fundamentals and how it works. Remember that It is not a full-featured framework but a JavaScript open-source GUI library. It focuses on a single task and strives to complete it efficiently. It represents the V in the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern. However, any JavaScript developer would find it simple to understand the fundamentals of React JS and begin developing web apps with this technology within a few days of mastering it.

     ● Simple to write Components

It makes use of JavaScript XML, which is a syntax extension. As JSX allows you to mix HTML and JavaScript, writing your components becomes much easier. Moreover, it can produce a much cleaner and simple source than other technologies as it has fewer rules that each developer has to follow. Though JSX may not be the most popular syntax extension available, it can be efficient when developing custom components or high-volume applications.

     ● Supports components Reusability

The reusability of components appears to be a significant benefit for developers. However, It enables you to reuse components created for another application with the same set of functionality. This helps to reduce development efforts while ensuring that your elements operate smoothly and flawlessly. Thus, the speed of application development increases, saving developers and clients valuable time.

     ● Allows the development of isomorphic apps

Isomorphic apps, also known as isomorphic JavaScript, allow the use of the same code for client-side and server-side components of an application. This is one method of app development that provides an advantage when rendering on the server. It also increases the likelihood of search engines indexing your website pages and providing a better user experience. In addition, you can use React JS to create components that work well on both the server and client sides.

     ● Performs better due to Virtual DOM

In the case of web app development, updating the Document Object Model (DOM) is frequently a source of performance constraints. However, you may avoid this problem in React JS since virtual DOM comes to your rescue. React JS lets you create virtual DOM and host it in memory. Moreover, the benefit of this operation is that anytime the actual DOM changes, the virtual DOM also changes because you have stored it in memory. As a result, you may not update DOM frequently. Moreover, this doesn’t hamper your app’s performance in any way.

     ● Excellent for SEO

Developers frequently face the problem of JavaScript frameworks that are not at all search engine friendly. In most situations, this results in JS-based applications that are not SEO-friendly. However, using React JS, you can easily overcome this obstacle. Moreover, It allows you to create user interfaces that help you to access multiple search engines.

     ● Offers development tools right out of the box

It came into existence, keeping in mind the requirements of software engineers. That’s the reason why React JS comes with a toolset that wins high marks among developers. However, React Developer Tools came into light as a Chrome developer addon. It allows you to inspect reactive component hierarchies and the current state and properties of a component.


To conclude, we have compiled the major reasons and benefits why React JS is popular among web Developers.

So, if you are a developer interested in single-page applications and want to create apps that are quick, user-friendly, and responsive, React JS solution is an excellent option. When it comes to developing large-scale apps with often changing data, React JS may assist you in meeting the challenge successfully. Thus, React JS Training in Delhi is a requirement for everyone who wants to stand out among their peers and become an expert in this JavaScript library.

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