Ruia Car Rentals Providing Luxury Car Rental Services and Transport Solutions

In today’s time of busy scheduled life, meeting all the deadlines be it in the office or in household matters and balancing it at the same time is very difficult. So managing time is of utmost importance. In this context, Ruia car rentals is providing with good services that will definitely save time where  there will be no need to wait for hours for public transportation.

The rational services that Ruia Car Rentals has been providing in the capital city of India is exceptional, both in terms of Car Booking in Delhi, and also car rental services in Delhi. That is why, despite other car rental companies in Delhi, Ruia has a different assured clientele base. Since Ruia car rentals deals primarily in the transportation business, it aims solely on the smooth and safe journey details of the customers.

Ruia car rentals is not only a renowned name in the car rental industry. But also a reliance worthy name among its clients. Because of the fact that Ruia car rentals believes conclusively in customer satisfaction. Delhi being the capital city of India is one of the busiest cities of the country and the exclusive motto of beginning a car rental services in Delhi by Ruia Car rental services was for providing safe, high class and customized car hire services obviously at a judicious rate to the people of Delhi.

Car Rental Service

Another important point about Delhi is that it forms the layover joint for many tourists’ spots in the Northern part of India. So, tourists those who want to visit Agra, Brindavan or Himachal Pradesh. They can easily hire cabs from Delhi to Agra or Brindavan accordingly. In today’s time where life has become too fast, getting the work done appropriately. And on time is very important, be it going to the office, school, college, meetings, and seminars within the state or outside.

And for this, we cannot at all times rely on the public means of transport and eventually all of us do not possess a personal carriage. Here in comes the concept of car rental services or Luxury car rental services for outstation works. Moreover, when we talk about the topic of car rental services. The name of Ruia Car Rentals is the primary name that comes to the mind.

The facility of car booking in Delhi or even car rental services was once upon a time very tedious and irksome. There were no proper management for the car rental services Delhi. But the inception of Ruia Car rental services Delhi has simplified the difficulty a lot. The groundwork of Ruia Car Rentals was laid by the visionary man Late Mr. Pashupati Kumar Ruia in the year of 1997, in Kolkata.

Luxury Car Rental

It was at that time, when the idea of car rentals was very disorderly and a few people understood it. There was a huge gap of communication between the clients. And the car rental service providers and as a result the Indian Car Rental market was pathetic. At this stage came in Ruia Car Rentals to the service of the people of Kolkata with a mere number of 4 cars. Which now has grown into a huge number of 850 car across the country and in around 75 places. In the capital city itself, 100 new cars are in working mode, especially for luxury car rental Delhi.

An added advantage for Ruia car rentals in Delhi is that their garage is very rightly situated. The Delhi–Gurugram boundary, which is close to the terminus 3 of the Delhi airport. This decisive location is a promising factor to the customers and also the suppliers of car rental services Delhi. This combination just got hit. Service providers of the car rental services in Delhi are commendable. Their efforts of working in a very organized manner. Where distinct groups have been form who look after different divisions of the car rental services.

Ruia Car Rental Service

The car rental services in Delhi has been revise with the up-to-date technology. And with a team of immensely capable, and competent professionals. The travel experts who personally manage each and every customer account regularly, keep an updated and skilled drivers’ unit in the team. And moreover a 24×7 customer care service with efficient customer care executives are also available. Professionals at Ruia car rental service believe that a satisfied clientele base is a basic commodity for a successful business.

Moreover, all the vehicles of the Ruia car rental service are totally compliant. With all the safety protocols of the government. The trained members of the customer care unit work persistently (24×7) so that. The luxury car rental services Delhi is classic and also trouble free. It has obtained various experience certificates and letters of appreciation from distinguished authorities due to its good track records of service provided. SBI, RBI, and Ministry of Defense are few of the authorities to acclaim Ruia Car rentals. Ruia Car Rentals also got a Pan India Cab License from the Indian Ministry of Tourism.

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