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Rural Communities

High-speed Internet overcomes the barriers of distance and time, enabling residents of rural areas to participate in economic and social life far beyond their geographic region. If you are living in rural areas, then unlimited high speed internet for rural areas you will choose.

The communications enabled by broadband remove the logistical constraints of regional business models and enable businesses in remote areas to compete with their counterparts in major cities. 

Ultimately, the many economic and social benefits enabled by the availability of high-speed Internet in rural areas benefit the entire country.

High Speed Internet for Rural Communities

Current challenges

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has found that rural residents are less likely to have broadband access than their urban counterparts. 

According to a Connected Nation study, 19 percent of rural residents do not have broadband access because it is not available in their area. Equally problematic, many residents are unaware of the tremendous benefits high-speed Internet offers them.

Nearly half of rural residents without broadband at home say they don’t need it. Cost can also be a problem for both providers and residents: 22 percent of rural residents say they don’t have broadband because it’s too expensive. In addition, infrastructure investments in sparsely populated rural areas are often seen as unsustainable by telecommunications companies.  

Benefits of high-speed Internet for rural communities.

When they have access to affordable broadband, rural businesses limited to local markets, such as small stores or home-based businesses, can expand their market reach across the country and even around the world.

Broadband provides direct access to education and medical care for rural residents. Who would otherwise be forced to travel long distances for college courses and medical treatment.

Rural libraries that are enhanced by high-speed Internet often experience a resurgence of community interest and involvement. High-speed Internet provides rural residents with access to global information and cultural resources.

Affordable broadband connections allow traditionally urban businesses such as graphic design, website design, and other creative industries to re-establish themselves in rural areas and compete on the same level as urban businesses.

Through high-speed networks, farmers gain real-time access to critical information such as crop prices or weather forecasts, and marketing opportunities.


High-speed Internet expansion efforts should focus on extending network infrastructure to underserved rural communities.

Public awareness efforts on the importance of high-speed Internet should target communities with low usage rates. In addition, initiatives to keep the price of high-speed Internet affordable in underserved rural communities should supporte.

What to look for when buying a rural Internet connection

Now that you know there are more options than just dial-up and satellite, it’s time to start shopping.

Besides your personal needs, what should you look for when buying rural Internet? Here’s our take.

Price of high speed Internet

Price is an important factor for most of us, and unfortunately, many of the rural internet options aren’t exactly cheap. However, there are a few ways you can keep costs under control.

Get the right amount of data. Monitor your data usage for a month on your current plan and choose the right amount of data. Most households use more than 300 GB per month, but if you’re cutting back on video streaming, you can get by with much less data.

Watch out for price increases. Read the fine print. Sometimes companies start with low rates but then raise prices after the first few months.

Compare equipment costs. How much does it cost to rent or buy the equipment you need? And what about installation? Keep these costs in mind when comparing quotes, and don’t be afraid to ask for a discount or waiver.

Speeds of high speed Internet

Speed can be another tempting reason to spend all your money on your Internet connection. But you may need less than you think.

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