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Simple Steps To Enjoy Spotless Vinyl Floors – From Cleaning to Polishing

Do you have vinyl floors at home? Then you probably enjoy its elegant shine. Vinyl floors may always need extra care and maintenance. The floor is durable but can develop scratches if proper care is not observed.

You can hire the best “vinyl flooring in NZ” to help maintain the floor in top condition. If you hire the best vinyl flooring service they will perform all tasks from cleaning to polishing. The best thing about vinyl flooring is that it is durable and inexpensive.

Steps to maintain spotless vinyl floors

  1. Always use doormats

Doormats are essential if you have the vinyl floor at home. This will prevent the floor from getting dirty. If the dirt gets on the floor very often then you may have to broom very often.

You will be mopping the floor multiple times. If you are already using a harsh brush to mop then the floor can develop scratches. So preventing dirt indoors is the best solution.

  1. Never avoid sweeping

If possible you can sweep the floor at least two times a day. A sweeping vinyl floor will also maintain the shine for years. This is one of the most effective ways to remove dirt from the floor. 

It is important to select a soft brush to sweep the floor very often.

You can set a fixed time to sweep the floor of the house on a daily basis. In case you cannot sweep then you can use a vacuum cleaning device.

  1. Use mild shampoo

You may notice that the vinyl floor will start losing its natural shine after a few days. You may not be able to use harsh floor cleaning solvents on vinyl floors very often.

You can still use a mild shampoo. Always test the shampoo first before applying directly on the vinyl floor you can also mix the shampoo in a bucket of water. The vinyl floor can be cleaned using a damp cloth.

  1. Mild cleaning techniques

Do not use harsh brush action on vinyl floors. This can damage the floor. But you can look around for light-duty cleansers. You can search for the one that is just ideal for vinyl floors.

This will help in removing unwanted dirt from the floor. The vinyl material will not accumulate much dirt as it does not have pores on the top layer. But if the floor has joints in-between then you have to take extra precautions. 

  1. Use no wax polish

Polishing the vinyl floor is possible. You just have to ensure that you use wax-free polish. There are polish materials that are the right choice for use on vinyl floors only. Once the polish is applied you will have to rub the selected area.

Always mix the polish in cold water. Using warm water on vinyl floors might never be recommended. You should also follow proper rinsing action when performing this vinyl floor cleaning task. Vinyl is a material that can get damaged easily. You have to take the best care when polishing the vinyl floor.

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