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Sometimes Women Get Stomach Pain – Here Are Causes and What to Do

Sometimes Women Get Stomach Pain - Here Are Causes and What to Do

Occasionally, we all experience stomach pain for different reasons. It is not a gender related disorder but most of the time it initiates for the same reasons in all genders. Some causative factors of stomach pain are more common in females that are only associated with women. Other reasons for stomach pain are commonplace in both genders. Here I am enlisting all such causes of stomach pain along with treatments. Continue reading this article for finding a cure to your stomach problem!

Causes of Stomach Pain only Associated with Women

Women are slightly different in their bodily function and features from men. Generally, they are delicate and feeble as compared to men, both physically and mentally. Females, being mammals, are viviparous. Moreover, they are prepared for this crucial task with time. In puberty, they go through menstrual cycles. Therefore, females have two types of stomach cramps specifically due to their reproductive cycles.

Menstrual Cramps

Once in a month or after every 28-31 days, they welcome their periods. In contrast to men, only one ovum is prepared for fertilization by their follicle cell. If it is unable to meet any male sperm then this egg sheds down after a month. Hormonal secretions inside the body induces uterine contractions. It facilitates the shedding process. For this reason, they feel abdominal pain these days. This pain is felt on the sides of the abdomen, more on the right side.

It is not preferred to take a painkiller injection or a tablet for this condition. We have other better and effective options for such cramps. Use a water pad in the area. Lay down on your bed or couch in a specific posture. E.g. with your legs slightly upward from the rest of your body.

Pregnancy Pain

If a female conceives by chance, she bears mild to severe abdominal cramps in her gestation period. At first due to increase in womb size. Then, after 4-5 months it happens due to movement of the fetus after 4-5 months.

Gynecologists strictly instruct a female to refrain from self-medication for this duration. Take a bath with warm water. Lay down until you feel better again. If the pain continues, you must visit a physician. Clearly mention them about your pregnancy. It’s preferred to have an ultrasound after some time to see the growth of the fetus and check if there is any complexity. Sometimes such complexities may also alarm you with stomach problems.

Causes of Stomach Pain Common in all Genders

Reproduction is only a phase in the life cycle that is necessary for survival of humans on the earth. Our body has some other systems for performing other bodily tasks. Digestion is one of them. Mostly, malfunctioning in digestive activities causes some disorders that show stomach pain (pait dard) as a common symptom. The nature, intensity, and locality of the pain in all these cases varies in different types of stomach pain.

Here are some causes for stomach pain along with their treatments. These treatments are applicable for all the genders.


Digestive diseases having stomach pain in common What happens in disease?
Stomach flu Chest burning along with nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, and some other symptoms.
diarrhea Loose motions and nausea due to spicy foods.
Constipation Lesser bowel movement in a week
IBS Associated with uncontrolled bowel movements in the large intestine. It may cause severe abdominal pain.
Gas Gas accumulation in the belly which causes cramps and stiffens the belly.
Acid reflux Outflow of stomach acid (HCl) in the stomach.
Gastritis A set of inflammations (in stomach lining)


Common Stomach Pain Treatments-What to do?

We have plenty of simple and easy to access options for treatment for stomach pain. Some of them mentioned below:

Oil massage: for stomach problem in constipation and IBS.

Yoga: It is useful for relaxing the abdominal muscle.

Herbal tea (Kehwa): Options in herbal teas include peppermint tea, cinnamon tea, etc. They facilitate the digestive activities in the body.

Resting therapy: Take rest for some time. Lay down in a comfortable position until you feel better again.


Women encounter abdominal pain for almost the same reasons with a few exceptions. All we have to do is to check the nature of stomach pain completely. Stomach pain treatment are efficacious and relieve us from persistent pain quickly.

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