Students’ phone addiction- How to get rid of phone addiction?

Student phone addiction is an extremely crucial topic that needs severe attention. Due to the explosion of the pandemic, phone addiction among students has taken a monstrous figure.

Why are students getting addicted to phones?

Every other student is seriously addicted to their phones. This is so because the students need to continue their classes as well as their homework all from their phones.

They can easily feed their parents by using their phones for gaming and watching videos while claiming to study. This excessive usage of phones has been a threat to every family.

Some students have been a victim of mental instability due to this addiction. Phone addiction has been boundless due to the inclusion of phones in the lives of every person.

What are the threats of mobile addiction?

● The children lose their basic concentration power. They can hardly progress in their studies.

● The child starts abusing their parents as well as their family. They continuously look for their mobile phones. They can skip meals and even beat their family members for playing games.

● Students face a lack of keeping up with their memory.

● They even fall sick and tired if they don’t get the phones for some time. It is as if life will be dark without the mobile.

How do get rid of phone addiction for students?

When you are excessively addicted to phones you should slowly replace your screen timing with something productive.

The parents should take active participation in this matter so that the students can quickly get rid of this threatening addiction. Here are a few ways to get rid of phone addiction for students.

Schedule your day

The best way to get rid of phone addiction is to schedule your daily life. When you have a fixed routine for the day it will be easy for you to count your time.

You will know how much free time you have. You will be able to regulate your free time.

When you know how much free time you have you can spend that time with your hobby or you can read books at that time. While you plan your day you must schedule your screen time too.

You can spend a lot of an hour on your daily screen time. This is the maximum amount that you can spend on the device.

It is best if you can do your classes through a laptop which will restrict you from playing games. You can differentiate your pleasure screen time and study time well.

Regulate your screen time

You should regulate your screen time through any application so that you don’t use phones frequently. When you can see that you are exceeding your fixed screen time you must excuse yourself from the view.

If you think you are unable to control yourself then you include your parents to control your screen time. When you include another person to control you then you will be certain that you cannot make the mistake and even if you do you will be checked by him or her.

Turn off your notifications

We understand that you can get important notifications from different applications. But you have to turn off the notifications that come to disturb you.

You can leave the important applications and turn off other notifications so that you are not constantly disturbed by the intervention of those notifications while you study. You can leave your phones to your parents so that they can check if any important notification comes.

If your child is young then you should hardly give them the phones for half an hour and then you should include them in other real-life activities.

Spent time with family

Parents and their children should mutually give each other time regularly. You must have a regular conversation with your child.

You must know what they are going through. It often happens that the children are spending time with phones because they are finding it hard to spend time with their families.

Their parents and family members are busy or even watching television instead of spending time with them. So they are choosing the phones to keep themselves busy with something.

So both the students and their families must try to spend time with each other as much as possible. This brings them close to their families. The students no more feel lonely in their own house when they find company.

Delete distracting apps

When you can’t get rid of distracting applications it is better to delete those applications. When you don’t have access to the applications then it will reduce your addiction.

But when you think you cannot delete your application you should distract yourself from the application. You can relocate it from the home screen icon.

The purpose is to distract yourself from your phone so that you develop good habits. The influence of phones is never good for the long term.

Spent quality time with friends

You should spend time with your friends in person or on a video call. But the practice of playing online games together is nothing but motivating your addiction.

If you want to play any games you should meet in person and then you can play any games. But you should not play games through online mode. Online games are highly addictive.

When you spend time with your friends in person you will realize the difference between the impact of the online and offline meet.

Don’t use phones in your bed

You have to make sure that you don’t check out on your phones while you are sitting on the bed. When you are using your phone in bed or at bedtime it snatches your sleep while making you sleep deprived for days.

You don’t even realize that you spend hours with your phones without doing anything productive. If you have taken that time to do something productive, then that could have been a blessing to you.

When you don’t use the phone when you are in your bed it makes you aware that your mind thinks that the bed is your sleeping place. When you don’t sleep when you are in your bed it snatches your sleep.

Replace the habit

When you want to replace your addiction you have to make yourself busy. Your family cannot spend time with you for the whole day.

So, you have to make yourself busy after your school and study time. You can have reading sessions before you go to bed.

You can even practice a habit that you always wanted to do. As parents, you should help your child get out of their addiction. The concentration needs to be diverted to some productive ways.


The student’s phone addiction is a concerning matter for the days to come. If the matter is not properly addressed then it will be a threat to society.

The youth will be ruined by the addiction to phones among students. The students need prior attention from their parents to fight this situation which can be altered with necessary steps.

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