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Taylor Swift: 4 Things I Wish To Learn In My Life

Taylor Swift: 4 Things I Wish To Learn In My Life

Taylor Swift is an amazing singer, and songwriter and she has recorded several hit albums, listeners find her voice like a whispering of birds. Her shrill and soft voice adds relaxation to the mind and soul. She has learned this skill from the famous academy and then she has tried to perform at the stage. Unfortunately, most of the people have rejected her for their bullshit excuses. But you may heard this thought that – when the right time comes then no one could stop you to reach at a certain height. Similarly, when the time of Taylor has come then she has shared her masterpiece collection of songs and helped in writing or composing the songs of  other music directors. 


Today we are going to list down the thoughts of Taylor Swift Net Worth that – what she want to learn before the age of 30? In an interview she has shared this fact that there is a desire to learn at least 30 things and let’s see what they are – 

Here are some of the best things that Taylor Swift want to learn before crossing the age of 30 

In life, if you are saying that – this is not the right age to learn then you are going on the wrong way. Because there is no age to learn, you can start anytime, anywhere – now let’s see what Taylor Swift wants to learn before crossing the age of 30. 


  • Block the negative voices – 

Sometimes you reach that stage where you need to take a stand for yourself and there are no bouncers beside you who help you out to deal with such dilemmas. As a celebrity you can have several followers, some may support you, and some crack jokes at you for fun. To deal with this you need to block the voices that spoil the mood and it’s better to avoid the platform that drops you down in the ocean of fear and depression. This is the audience who claps at your success and throws a stone in your windows at the failure. 

Due to this reason, she prefers to turn off the comment on her picture or stories and block those who add any comments on my look.  


  • Don’t pretend to be humble 24/7 –

The fact is that – people who always display sweet behavior sometimes become helpless to express their anger. So this is crucial to fall like a drizzling and pouring, showing all kinds of behavior allow others to take you seriously. In today’s time, people try to take advantage and may hurt you all the time, ultimately this kinda experiences lower your inner-self. 


  • Failure is the part of the journey – 

In this life, it is normal to fall a hundred times but the more important thing is to stand up the next time. This is a part of the journey and it is crucial to learn from the mistakes in life and trust the process. The more you will face failure in life the more you will gain the fruit of experience. To walk towards success, these experiences play an important role, and you can share the journey and these experiences with newbies as well. Because it takes lots of effort and patience to continuously face the failure but still lit the light of hope in the mind that one day it will happen. 

You are the special one who is getting a chance to learn through failure, so celebrate the failure and be grateful for the success in life. 


  • Love yourself – 

Fatty, slim, dark, or dusky – these kinds of comments always ruin the mood and turn down the confidence. To deal with this situation it is crucial to stop listening to the comments of others and ignore the people who raise their voices towards your look. This is important to change the perception of always looking towards the external look. Give preference to personality, and internal appearance – the day people judge after looking at these things then they will never be cheated by someone. Today there are many things people hide behind their faces and reality is always hidden inside. You need to dig into deeper the person to reveal the true identity. 


Wrapping up – 

There are following four things we have shared above about Taylor Swift and she wants to learn these things. It is not any kind of academic stuff but yes these things helps alot to improve your personality and mental or physical health. So if you also want to bring peace in head then learn today all these. 

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