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The Best Google Maps Data Extractor For Getting B2B Leads

Google Map Extractor

What Is Google Maps Scraper Software?

A fine and fastest Google Maps Data Scraper provides 100% accurate results for your targeted keywords or location in minutes so you can boost your business in an effective way. For automatically collecting leads data from millions of Google Maps business profiles you need the best Google Maps Data Scraping Tools. With a Google Map Extractor, you can find and scrape unlimited b2b leads data from Google Maps.

Just like other business directories, Google Maps is also a business site but it is the most used website by marketers, freelancers, and business experts to collect b2b leads data. The main purpose of Google Maps is to connect businesses with customers around the world. Well, Google Maps is the world’s largest business-orientated networking professional site, with over 1 billion members all over the world.

Why Scraping Data From Google Maps?

Why would you consider scraping data from Google Maps? Google Maps is an ocean of real and professional local and international businesses worldwide, and if you can scrape data from Google Maps to Excel then you can gain priceless benefits for your business. Due to millions of registered businesses, it is not possible to collect this data from Google Maps manually. You have to use a Google Maps Scraper that many businesses, freelancers, marketers, and organizations already use.

The Best Google Maps Scraper For Marketers And Business Owners

The Best Lead Extractor helps businesses, marketers, lead experts, and freelancers to scrape data from Google Maps in a structured format for use. Google Maps Email Extractor is a desktop application that extracts a list of targeted leads data by taking the targeted keywords and profile URLs as input. Maps Contact Data Extractor can visit each targeted Google Maps business profile and extract every single piece of “publicly” available leads data information on a business listing without writing a single line of code: You can get data from Google Maps like:

Business Name

Business Address

Email (If not available then scrape email from business website)

Phone Number





Working Hours

Social Media Links

Website Links


And much more

After the extraction of Google Maps Data, you can save it into a CSV or Excel file.

Why Is Google Map Extractor Is The Best For Professionals And Business Owners?

Searching for targeted business leads data manually on Google Maps may waste time and human efforts.  However, with a Google Maps Lead Extractor, you can get all the targeted business leads data you need from Google Maps with just a click of a button without any coding tensions.

Leads Extractor Google Maps can help you extract the information you need about businesses without doing it manually. You just have to enter the name of the business, zip code, address, or business listing URL and you will get data from Google Maps to excel in minutes. The information extracted from Google Maps is structured and is easy to use to make crucial and unique business decisions.


  • Google Maps Crawler is created for those who need bulk b2b leads (emails and phone numbers) from Google Maps.
  • Google Maps Listing Scraper designed to make Google Maps scraping completely automatic and effortless exercise
  • A technical and non-technical person can use Google Maps Scraper easily due to its easy-to-use interface.
  • Anyone who knows how to browse Google Maps, he/she can find and scrape Google Maps data using the b2b software.
  • Just search for your prospect by name, business profile URLs, and zip codes, and run Google Maps Extractor to extract their contact details in minutes. Google Maps Data Extractor supports CSV, Excel, and Text formats, so, you can get data in the desired format you choose.
  • In short, Google Map Extractor makes the Google Maps scraping process completely automatic so that you can focus on other business marketing strategies rather than spending countless hours hiring staff to copy-paste data.
  • Its price is just 49.99$ for one month and you can scrape unlimited marketing data from Google Maps search results and business profiles on a daily basis by using this Google Places Scraper.

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