The Best Stand Mixer Malaysia For Your Home Bread Baking Needs.

When we tried new recipes or came up with new products, we used this mixer in our bakery. We had the 7-quart version, which was a little more expensive. It was time for us to get a smaller mixer than our big commercial ones. For a home mixer, this is the one with the most space. This mixer is very good at making bread dough because it has a good motor and good metal parts inside. In order to buy this mixer, we did a lot of research. It has worked well for years and there have been no problems.

Why I chose the Kenwood KMC011 5 quart Chef Titanium Mixer over another one.

This mixer is called a “workhorse” because it does a lot of work. Compared to cake batter, bread doughs are made with a powerful 750 Watt motor with a lot of torque. This means that it can mix bread doughs with a lot of force.

High-quality stainless steel is used to make its kneading hook. Other brands sometimes use aluminium for their hooks. Because it is so quiet at the top of the kneading process, it is a lot less noisy than other mixers I have tried,

It comes with a stainless steel mixing bowl with very strong handles that you can use. Good in your hands. Because the kneading hooks reach so close to the sides and bottom of the bowl, I don’t have to use a hand scraper very often to make everything mix well.

So, when it comes to the weight, it is heavier than most home mixers on the market, which is a good thing. For one thing, it shows that the metals used are high-quality. When you mix a hard dough at a high speed, your mixer won’t “dance” all over your counter, which can be dangerous.

Because this mixer is so heavy, I suggest that you keep it on your counter so you don’t have to keep moving it out of storage every time you want to use it. This way, you won’t have to keep moving it. You can also show it off because it looks good. This is also a good idea.

Also, this mixer has three outlets where you can connect different attachments with different speeds so that you can do different things with the same thing at different speeds. Blenders, food processors, meat grinders, and a pasta machine are also on the list of things you might need. So, as you can see, this mixer is very versatile and can do a lot of things that your other kitchen tools won’t be able to.

These extra attachments will have to be bought on their own. There is a basic dough hook, a whisk, and Kenwood’s k-beater attachments that come with the machine.

You need to check to see if the mixer you have chosen meets the following things. It takes a little more work from your machine to knead bread dough than it does to mix cake mixes and batters, make cookie dough, or whip cream.

Speed, Motor Power, and Material are the three things that make things move quickly.

There are some things that a mixer can’t handle, like bread dough. You need to make sure the engine is strong enough and well built to handle it. Kenwood has a powerful engine, but it also has a lot of torque, which is even more important for bread doughs.

A lot of mixers work well for a few months, but then they start to have problems. The engine will get hot, the gears in the machine will start to break down, and the mixer will start to “dance” on the work surface. None of that is for you.

For both the motor and the ventilation, this mixer has a lot of space. Ventilation for your motor will help it last a long time. It’s very stable even when it’s moving at very high speeds, and it’s one of the quietest mixers for the amount of power it has.

When kneading the dough, speed is very important. This is even more true when kneading bread dough. Make sure the mixer has a lot of different speeds for different parts of the dough-making process. Some bread also needs to be kneaded at a very high speed, which is very hard for your regular home mixer to do.

In your KitchenAid mixer user manual, for example, there are a lot of warnings about heavy loads on high speed. If you pay attention, you will see them. Here is a note from the KitchenAid user manual about how to use bread dough:

To mix or knead yeast doughs, use Speed 2. Use of any other speed puts the Stand Mixer at risk of breaking down. The PowerKneadTM Spiral Dough Hook is very good at kneading most yeast dough in just 4 minutes.

Kenoowd’s mixer is much better at this, and it can handle these loads at any speed. This is where the Kenoowd is better.

This mixer has an electronic variable speed control that lets you slowly add ingredients into the bowl before mixing them at high speeds. This way, the ingredients won’t spread out on your work surface instead of staying in the bowl.


It’s up to you. It is possible to buy mixers in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The Kenwood Titanium Chef mixers come in two sizes: 5 Quart and 7 Quart, both of which are made of titanium.

The 5 Quart is usually enough, and it’s cheaper, too. Getting a 7 Quart will last longer because its engine has 800 Watts. if you make smaller doughs, the load on the engine will be less, which will make the engine less stressed.

It can only hold 12 eggs at a time. It can also handle egg whites as small as two.

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