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The complete guide to choosing an area rug

The complete guide to choosing an area rug

Rugs give color, pattern and texture to any area of your home but most importantly, it brings warmth. Rugs can be used for any area at your place. It can be used in dining areas, lounges, in front of the door,  bathrooms and even bedrooms. Choosing a perfect rug for an area is very essential.


Sizes play a significant role while choosing a rug for any area. For instance, While choosing a rug for a dining room, we need to make sure it perfectly fits there.  Area Rugs protect the floor of the dining area from being scratched by the chairs. So, A perfect size means that it should cover the whole dining table area. The rug should not be too big or too small. Size of the rug depends on the space of the area. If the area is spacy and a big rug would make a statement, then it would be perfectly fit for the area, but if the area is not spacy, and there is furniture covering most of the space, then small rugs according to the space will be a perfect fit for the area.

Rug color:

Another most important aspect of getting a perfect rug for an area is to choose the right color. Rooms with dark colored walls and furniture need light colored rugs to make the room look visually spacier. However, light colored rugs may get dirty easily which is why it is important to choose the color of the rug according to daily usage of the area.

Rug Pattern:

After the perfect color has been chosen, the next thing to choose is the pattern for your rug. Patterns bring texture to your area. You should choose a pattern that perfectly complements your furniture and floors. Patterns of a rug can change the whole look of the room. A simple room requires an eye-catching patterned rug. But, if your room has colorful and eye-catching walls and furniture, then a subtle rug with simple strips and a solid pattern will complement your place just right.


The material of the rug should be suitable for the required area. Rugs are used daily which means the perfect material chosen should be easily cleanable and durable. It should have a quality that would sustain in the long term. Material of the rug should also be comfortable to walk on. Also, pets and children usually play on rugs, so the material should not be too rough for them. It should be soft and has secure edges. Having a dense rug on floors will prevent objects from breaking. The fiber of the rugs should be of good quality. However, even good quality material gets damaged with time because of excessive usage but, giving attention and care will definitely prevent the damage and your rugs can be in good shape for years.

 Rug style:

The most difficult part of choosing an area rug is selecting a perfect style that would match the interior of the room. The objects in the room should complement the rug well, so choosing the right style for your rug is important. Styles depend on the shape of the room and furniture as well. Round rugs go perfectly well with round beds. Or, sisal rugs would go well with a metal coffee table. It all depends on the interior of the area.

Rug Placement:

Every area of your house is different. Living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and front doors, all these areas need different styles and materials of rugs to match the interior of that particular area. Living rooms have different furniture than the bedroom and kitchen. So, to choose a rug for the living room you need to measure the space you have.The rug should be placed where it is suitable. The rug in the bedroom should be right in front of the bed. The material of the rug in the bedroom should be soft while the material of the rug for bathrooms should be a bit harder as it is used to dry the feets. 

Placement in the dining room:

The rug for the living room should be larger than the dining table. It varies from sizes 5x8inch, 8x10inch, and 9x12inch. All chairs should be fixed on the rug and 1 inch rug should pass the chair. You can also place a circular rug if you have a circular dining table. you just have to make sure that you have purchased the right size rug.

Placement in the living room:

The rug should be at least 6’’ on the sides. It varies from sizes 8x10inch, 9x12inch, and 10x14inch. All the front legs of the sofas should be on the rug. One third of the bottom of the rug should be larger than the top when it is being layered.

Placement in the bedroom:

Rug should not be under the nightstand. 1 inch of the rug should be extended from the bed. The sizes vary from 9x12inch for king size beds and 8x10inch for queen size beds.



A rug makes a huge statement in an area. Investing in rugs from RugKnots  is the best decision for your house as it lasts forever and decorates your home. Rugs can be used anywhere in the house in any area, making the house look sleek and beautiful. Different areas of your house require different styles of rugs which is why studying the area before looking for a rug is usually advised by designers.


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