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The Follower Effect: How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Activate more followers on Instagram – unfortunately, a pious wish is not enough in social media marketing. In order for your strategy to take effect, it must be clearly defined, sketched out in stages and verifiable. Key figures provide you with important information (key performance indicators, or KPIs) that form the basis of your decisions. Because the evaluation and interpretation of the data obtained with KPI ensures that you can optimally adapt your strategy to your target group.

If you regularly publish posts and stories on Instagram, you can use the KPIs to optimize your campaign. Important metrics on Instagram are, for example:

  • The number of impressions your posts receive.
  • The number of likes and comments.
  • The range you achieve.
  • The number of your followers.
  • calling up certain hash tags.

This data can be measured – and you can work with this data in order to achieve more followers on Instagram, because the key figures show you objectively

  • Which posts and hash tags your target group actually reacts to.
  • What it interacts with and
  • Which contributions are less popular?

The next step in your social media strategy is to tailor your posts to suit the interests of your followers. Perhaps your target group likes a certain model best who presents your fashion? Perhaps you are most likely to react to funny representations or feel encouraged by slightly provocative questions to comment on your contribution?

Is there a new, clear trend emerging from your data analysis? Then follow it or reinforce it. Keep in mind that you cannot influence all indicators as you like. If your account is set to “public”, which should be a matter of course for a company, users can also see your contributions without having subscribed to them. So you may already have a lot more followers than the numbers suggest. Then the next step is: get the procrastinators on board!

How this works becomes clear when you look at typical user behavior on social media. The most likes are given to those who already have a lot of active followers. Logical, you might think, if you have a lot of followers and are very popular, it is easier to gain new followers and likes.

But it’s not that simple after all. Because what even experienced online marketers often overlook is that users not only follow the posts of a company, but primarily other followers. We call this the follower effect: If we see a post that has already received 100 likes, we tend to like it too. If we perceive the same post without it having received likes, we also pay less attention to it.

It is no different with the number of followers an account has to show. The more followers you have, the more will follow suit. Here, too, psychological moments play an important role. So it pays to pay particular attention to the number of followers in your KPI analysis.

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