The Importance of HR Management Software for businesses in the UAE

HRMS stands for Human Resource Management Software. If you own a small or a big company, you have employees

HRMS stands for Human Resource Management Software. If you own a small or a big company, you have employees. These employee’s maintenance, records, issues, applications, increment, and salary delivery all need focus.

If all this process is done manually, it takes a lot of unnecessary effort and time. For the ease of HR managers, HR software is developed.

An HRMS deals with employee-related stuff and makes them feel good. It makes the employees feel motivated and work harder for the company—all the companies in UAE and worldwide use HRMS.

This blog will discuss the ten best HRM software commonly used in UAE.

Top 10 Commonly Used HRMS in UAE

Depending on the company size, the companies choose which software suits their companies best.

HR Management Software by ICT Systems LLC

The features in this HR management software make it the most used and popular software in UAE. It is well recognized and widely used in the UAE and internationally. It is equipped and designed to have all the modern taxation indices essential while accumulating the payroll. You can also automate the annual raise and increment cycle through this software. You also have an option to customize your software according to your needs and wants.

It has plenty of storage. Using HRMS means that you can easily handle more than one account on this and various employees’ data through it. It is secure software. All your data is in safe hands and does not have an issue of leaking personal information.

The HRMS provided by ICT systems LLC is the most used software in UAE-based companies.

Grey HR

Grey HR is one of the elegant cloud-based software solutions. It caters to both large- and small-scale companies. It helps reduce and simplify the transactional HR task with accurate and super-fast results. This software is considered the mos犀利士
t reliable HR & Payroll software with 100% statutory compliance for a country like UAE. The Grey HR platform is an automated HR process that helps empower your business. It has features like Core HR Management, Payroll Management, Leave & Attendance Management, Contactless Attendance, Statutory Compliance, UAE specific – Gratuity, SIF file, WPS, Employee onboarding, and asset and document management.


Bayzat is a technology SaaS company that provides insurance and HR software solutions. It offers various services in UAE, UAE, and the KSA region. Their software helps you save time on HR tasks like leave management, employee record maintenance, attendance tracking, and shift schedule for your staff. Their payroll technology makes them the UAE’s first automated payroll processing software, providing a streamlined experience for employers and employees to manage work expenses. Its basic features include letter requests, attendance, time off, health insurance, and more.


Paywings is the new and developed software according to today’s world requirements. Salary calculations are the core of Paywings. The newly developed software is a pro in salary calculations. It makes all the processes of increment addition, salary deductions, earnings, additions, loans, attendance data entry, advances, etc., efficient manner. It is a window-based HR software, so salary calculations have become much easier.

Brain Sphere IT

Brain sphere IT was the first advanced HR and payroll management software. It has a built-in reporting and analytics feature that makes smart decisions for the companies on its own. The advanced technologies help you connect with all levels of employees efficiently. The best part is that you can customize it according to your business requirements. It is hence efficient for both small and large-sized businesses.

Zoho People

Zoho people is a 360-degree HR software platform that offers multiple tools to make it easier for you to manage all the HR-related tasks. It acts as a centralized database for your employees. It helps analyze your employee’s performance and keeps track of their strengths and weaknesses.

Gulf HR

Gulf HR best suits the particular needs of the Gulf region. They have numerous features such as HR Management, Payroll, Employee leave, workforce planning, HR recruitment, etc.

The software is backed for client training, assistance, customizations, and technical backup. Gulf Solutions provides high-quality, on-time services utilizing tried-and-true processes. Their HR software is widely in use in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, and other regions.

People Soft

People soft software is best for medium to large-sized companies. It is an HCM suite software that helps you track your employees working hours, bonuses, leaves, vacations, pay cheques, loans, etc., both individually and on the whole.

The design is easier to use even by simple people. People soft integrate with a larger ERP system. It offers an active and reliable customer support group. They chat via phone and email with customer support.


Sapience is an advanced HR management software that can fulfill the requirements of middle eastern countries. The main people who use this software are the people of the UAE. The best part of this software is that you can customize it according to your needs. It works best for all sizes of companies, either small, medium, or large. Its main features include time management, attendance, travel expense claim, individual workers’ performance management, individual portals of employees and managers, etc.


It is one of the best standalone talent acquisition suites. Using Taleo, Organizations can build their own customs solutions for talent acquisitions in a time and cost-effective manner. You can source, recruit, and onboard individuals with top talents into their organization. Oracle’s Taleo provides capabilities like marketing campaigns, automated postings, and Organizations. It can make use of these to improve its sourcing strategies. Oracle’s Taleo also integrates with LinkedIn, which will help widen the talent sourcing network.

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