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The Risk and Side-Effects Of The Egg Donation Process

Egg Donation Requirements

The Egg donation process is generally veritably safe with no long- term problems or side-effects. Doctors would not permit a youthful, healthy woman to contribute her eggs if the procedure was always dangerous. That is why there exists a lot of Egg Donation Requirements if a person wants to get involved in the egg donation process.

Still, there are some short- term side-effects or risks that are associated with the egg donation process, and some egg benefactors might witness complications. Knowing the warning signs and being educated about these complications will help reduce their impact drastically. It is also important to read and understand about various  Egg Donor Health Requirements before taking the process.

When you’re in an egg donation cycle, you’ll have to be off all birth control procedures and will be producing multiple eggs because of the stimulation medications. However, you can become pregnant, if you have an intercourse without protection during your cycle, which you’re told not to as per Egg Donor Health Requirements. This could do if some of the eggs are released before your reclamation, or if not all of your mature eggs are retrieved.

Below listed are some of the most common complications one should be apprehensive of while making the decision to contribute their eggs for surrogacy.

Temporary Weight Gain

Donors can gain roughly 3-5 pounds in weight due to an increase in the size of their ovaries and associated fluid retention (obese women may gain further). This is temporary and should resolve fully following your first period after your patron cycle is complete.

Medication Risks

The fertility injections you will have to take contain higher doses of the same hormones that the brain releases to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs.

Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)

Luteinizing hormone (LH)

As the ovaries respond, you will witness bloating and cramping. You can take Tylenol for the discomfort. Still, if the symptoms are severe, you should call the concerned clinic immediately as they might be a sign of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Pattern (OHSS).

Both the birth control capsules you’re specified as well as the injectable specifics ( especially Lupron) you’ll be taking as an egg patron may cause you some side effects as they posses some amount of risk that are similar to premenstrual pattern (PMS). You may have hot flashes, vaginal blankness, fatigue, sleep problems, body pains, mood swings, breast tenderness, headache, slight bloating, etc.

Ovarian Hyperstimulation Pattern (OHSS)

In veritably rare cases, some benefactors are exquisitely sensitive to the stimulation medicines. This results in an inflated lump of the ovaries and fluid collection in the tummy and chest. This is known as OHSS and occurs in lower than 5% of all egg benefactors.

When mild, you may have abdominal pain, pressure, and swelling which should ideally reduce after your next period. When moderate, you may bear careful monitoring, bed rest, and pain issues. If severe, which is rare but veritably serious, there’s a possibility of serious medical complications similar as blood clots, kidney failure, fluid build-up in the lungs, and shock. Severe OHSS typically requires hospitalization.

You may experience weight gain and occasional headaches. Moreover, if you have any abdominal discomfort, please feel to communicate it to your doctor as soon as possible. Egg benefactors are covered veritably nearly and it’s important for the doctor to be apprehensive of how the donor feeling.

Bleeding and Infection with Retrieval

During the egg retrieval process, a needle is fitted into your ovary and there may be bleeding. Although it’s veritably rare, it’s possible to damage or perforation the bowel, bladder, or near blood vessels. Spotting is normal after the retrieval process, but if you bleed heavily, get in touch with your doctor immediately.

To prevent any infection, you’ll have to take some antibiotic intravenously. Usually, A member of the clinical staff will contact you in the morning after your retrieval process to see how you’re feeling. Two weeks after the process, you will also have to come back to the clinic for a check-up.

FAQ About Egg Donation Requirements

Q1. Does egg donation affect my fertility or when I will suffer menopause?

The simple answer is no! When a woman starts getting her periods, there are roughly around 300,000 eggs. In her reproductive lifetime, a woman will ovulate around 400 times. So, there are hundreds of thousands of  spare eggs. With each cycle, the doctor will retrieve around 12 – 25 eggs. Even with 6 similar cycles (the maximum number permitted) the number of eggs recaptured won’t affect unborn monthlies, fertility or menopause.

A recent study measured Anti-Mullerian Hormone situations (AMH) in benefactors who had experienced multiple cycles. AMH is a marker of the number of eggs that remains in the ovary. These donors didn’t show any drop in their AMH situations. This indicates that their fertility wasn’t affected by the procedure.

Help Others Make Their Families: Be an Egg Donor

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