The Top 4 Referencing Styles Used For Scientific Papers

The Top 4 Referencing Styles Used For Scientific Papers

.Scientific papers are written in a manner different from how normally one would write a college essay. The main difference here is using mandatory references while writing a scientific paper, which is why using an online referencing tool like an OSCOLA reference generator can come in useful. However, there are many different referencing styles used, and you should strive to know which style you should use in your paper.

For example, research papers, dissertations, and even academic papers use different types of referencing styles. This is why it can help if you have an idea of the referencing styles used while writing scientific papers. Thus, I will mention the top 4 most commonly used referencing styles for writing scientific papers for your convenience.

The top 4 referencing styles used for writing scientific papers

  1. APA referencing

Apa is a style of referencing introduced by the American Psychological Association, hence the name. It is commonly used for writing scholarly articles and research or scientific papers. It is easy to use, and you can write it between the body of your text, commonly known as in-text citations.

While writing a reference in the APA style, you should first write the author’s name and the year of publication, separated by a comma. For example: (Jason B., 1998). You will also have to write a reference list at the end of your paper. Here, you will write the author’s name, date of publication, title, and source of the information.

  1. ASA referencing

The ASA is a style of referencing introduced by the University of Chicago. It is somewhat similar to an APA reference in the sense that it makes use of in-text citations. When using this referencing style, you should write the author or the editor’s name followed by the title of the book, paper, or journal.

To get access to an online referencing generator, you can search for queries like apsa citation generator or asa citation generator, among others.

For example: (Henderson, Bended Society).For writing the reference list, you should write the author’s full name. Followed by the publication date, the name of the book, and finally, the source of your information.

  1. MLA referencing

The MLA style stands for Modern Language Association. It is one of the most commonly used styles of referencing and finds application in a variety of academic publications like magazines, journals, research blogs, published papers, and reports. This style of citation has two parts where you will be writing the in-text citation in the body of your text and proving a detailed reference list at the bottom of your paper.

In the in-text citation, you will be using the author’s surname, followed by the page number. For example: (Smith 108). It is important to note here that there is no punctuation mark followed the author’s name, and space is used instead. For the reference list below, you will be writing your list in alphabetical order. You will mention the author’s surname, followed by the page number. The publication date, the name of the book or paper, and finally, the source of your information.


I hope this article helps you understand the different types of references you can use in your academic paper.

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Karen Hamada is a retired professor of Botany from a reputed university in the US. She has written numerous academic and Assignment help,  research papers, some of which have been published in leading science magazines globally. Hamada is also an academic expert associated with Karen always advises students to use referencing generators like. An apa referencing generator to easily write references for their academic papers and assignments.

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