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These are the ten best highest paying jobs in india in terms of salary.

Everyone, without exception, is curious as to which profession in India pays the most. After investing so much time and money into your education, it is reasonable to seek employment that rewards your efforts. Yet this is by no means an easy job. Combined with digital transformation and technological advances, the Covid epidemic has had a profound impact on the employment landscape. In order to simplify your search, we have compiled a list of some of the highest paying jobs in india.

There are a number of options that provide the highest paying jobs in india fit for you, whether you are a recent graduate, middle-level employee, or senior professional, despite the fact that compensation standards differ between firms and industries, and your educational background, professional experience, geography, etc. affect your salary.

There are a few things to remember:

  1. The highest incomes in India are typically found in the fields of information technology, the data industry, healthcare, financial services, and marketing.
  2. Average salaries in these fields range from Rs. 6–15 LPA, with the highest paying jobs in india between Rs. 50–90 LPA.

The Top 10 Highest-Paid Entry-Level Jobs in India

Medical Professionals

When compared to other sectors in India, healthcare earnings are among the highest. As a result of the epidemic, demand for qualified medical professionals has skyrocketed, leading to substantial economic growth in the healthcare industry.

Indian doctors, surgeons, and medical professionals are some of the highest paid in the world, with salaries ranging from the low six figures to the high hundreds of thousands of dollars per year depending on their field of expertise (dental, pharmaceutical, optometric, cardiovascular, etc.).

Medical practitioners’ daily tasks typically include prescribing prescriptions, administering therapies, assessing patients’ symptoms, diagnosing diseases, working with nurses and other health professionals, analyzing test results, etc.

Income for doctors and other medical professionals in India typically hovers around 10 million rupees annually. Twenty-five percent or more of the healthcare workforce makes above twenty million Indian Rupees annually. The median pay for a general practitioner in India is INR 11,00,000 LPA, with a general surgeon earning INR 13,00,000 LPA.

Major companies:

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Fortis Healthcare

Medical Centers of America, Max Health Care, and Apollo Hospitals

University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore

Data Scientists

The field of data science is one of the fastest growing in India and offers a good salary and a host of perks. It has been called “the most promising career” on LinkedIn, and for good reason: data scientists collect, analyze, and interpret massive amounts of data for businesses.

If you have a background in CS, coding, math, stats, and analytics, you may be interested in becoming a data scientist in India.

InsideAIML’s Data Science Certification, developed in collaboration with IBM, can help you break into this lucrative field and stand out to the industry’s top companies. You will be prepared for any data science position in India or elsewhere when you finish this course.

The average salary for a junior data analyst in India is 7,000 per year. Instead, a seasoned data scientist might earn between 60 and 70 lakhs per year.

Leading Companies to Work For:

Retail Giants Amazon and P&G

IBM Watson Microsoft Azure Amazon Web Services

Specialists in Machine Learning

In recent years, machine learning (ML), a subfield of AI, has seen a meteoric rise in popularity across several sectors. In India, one of the highest paying jobs in india can now be found in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is predicted to expand rapidly over the next few years.

Professionals in the field of machine learning undertake statistical research and develop commercially viable ML applications and algorithms. InsideAIML teaches you everything you need to know about machine learning, from A to Z, so that you can land a job in India.

A machine learning engineer in India can expect to earn a median salary of INR 10,000,000 per year. Engineers with less than a year of experience can expect to earn an average yearly income of INR 6,000. Conversely, mid-level professionals can earn up to INR 12,000 per year. Those who have worked in the field for several years can expect annual salaries of between INR 30 and 80 Lacs.

Leading Companies to Work For:



Zycus Infotech Quantiphi Infosys ITC

Blockchain Developer

Changes in financial transactions, internet connectivity, data security, and data processing are just some of the many areas being affected by blockchain technology.

Businesses and governments alike are adopting blockchain technology to streamline processes, reduce overhead, and broaden their reach. To address the continually expanding requirement for blockchain developers in India, there is a huge demand for qualified blockchain developers.

Engineers working on blockchains should be well-versed in computer science, mathematics, and statistics. Throughout India, blockchain developers may expect to earn a yearly salary of around INR 8,000,000. Earnings for professionals with years of experience range from INR 30 LPA to INR 90 LPA.

Leading Companies to Work For:

In order: Cyient Tata Elxsi Primchain Birla Soft Accenture Wipro MindTree

Full Stack Software Developer

Full-stack developers are in particularly high demand at the moment.

Full-stack developers are pros at creating both the user interface and the infrastructure of a program or website. This is one of the highest paying jobs in india because it requires creating a website from scratch.

The best part about becoming a Full Stack developer is that anyone can become one by taking a course in the field, either virtually or physically. Numerous schools offer introductory programming courses, making it possible for those without a technical background to quickly acquire useful skills.

Beginning Full Stack Developers should anticipate an annual salary of around INR 4,75,000, while those with 1-4 years of experience can earn up to INR 6,50,000, and those with 5-9 years of experience can earn up to INR 15,00,000.

Leading Companies to Work For:



IBM \sSiemens



Commercial Pilot

For many, flying an airplane is the ultimate career goal, as it provides the opportunity to see the world and immerse oneself in its numerous cultures. There are several upsides to working as a pilot, especially in the commercial sector.

A commercial pilot’s duties include flying the plane, conducting pre-flight checks, and ensuring the safety of the passengers and crew.

A commercial pilot’s annual salary is around Rs. 17,00,000. A pilot with less than a year of experience can make around INR 25 lakh (about $31,000) per year with bonuses, overtime pay, and other benefits.

Product Management

Indian businesses are rapidly becoming world leaders in product design, development, and management. In steps the Product Manager, an essential role responsible for formulating product strategies, executing product marketing plans, outlining product specifications, and forecasting product success.

Product managers also need to have an eye for detail and an understanding of the business goals that are tied to product creation.

A typical salary for a product manager in India is INR 12,00,000. Product managers with experience can expect to earn between 17 and 26 LPA compared to the average salary of 7 to 9 LPA for newcomers.

Leading Companies to Work For:


Google \sMicrosoft \sFlipkart \sSalesforce



Adviser to Management

Consultants in management help firms with everything from fixing problems to enhancing processes and expanding to their full potential. They focus on the planning, structure, operations, and administration of the company.

Graduates of bachelor’s programs in business administration, economics, finance, accounting, or management who wish to enter the highly competitive field of management consulting might enroll in an MBA program. In India, the best job opportunities are reserved for those with an MBA.

A management consultant in India can expect to earn a salary of around INR 11,00,000 LPA on average. Beginning consultants can expect to earn between INR 7 and 8 LPA, while more seasoned professionals can expect to earn between INR 15 and 30 LPA.

Leading Companies to Work For:

KPMG, McKinsey, and Deloitte

Companies Like EY and PwC and Accenture

A Solution Architect 

Does the idea of designing and implementing novel technologies to improve a company’s efficiency by highlighting problems and pinpointing their causes appeal to you? If this is the case, solution architecture is the field for you.

A solutions architect is someone who works within an organization to create, plan, and implement various solutions and arrangements that help translate company objectives and goals into actionable, concrete activities.

In this field, one can do a wide variety of things, from quality assurance to helping a business expand to managing and mentoring employees.

While entry-level salaries typically start in the 6 lakh range per year, solutions architects can expect to earn an average of 15 lakh per year. For those with over 6 years of experience, however, the salary can rise to INR 25 lakh per year.

Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountants (CAs) are invaluable in any industry since they provide financial consulting and instruction to their clients. Certified Public Accountants (CAs) earn some of the highest paying jobs in india due to their great demand and prestige.

For commerce majors interested in becoming chartered accountants (CAS), the first step is to take and pass the CA exam given by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), based in New Delhi.

Chartered accountants can make anything from INR 8 LPA to INR 30 LPA or more per year.

Leading Companies to Work For:

Financial Institutions: Standard Chartered

Accounting firm Ernst & Young

The Worldwide Network of Deloitte, KPMG, and BDO

Global Grant Thornton


These fields are in high demand and can help you generate wealth. The examples illustrate there is no correlation between work and salary. The potential for highest paying jobs in india exists in every sector of the economy.

We trust that your time spent learning about the highest-paying jobs in India was worthwhile. A clear sense of purpose is all that’s needed to make the most of that chance. As a result, it’s important to know which courses are the greatest.

InsideAIML, for the record, has courses in AI, ML, Data Science, and Digital Marketing that come with a full-time job offer upon completion.


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