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Tips on Buying Area Rugs Online

Tips on Buying Area Rugs Online

Rugs bring color, warmth, and texture into your space. The best part about rugs is that they can be customized to suit any room’s décor. With so many options for area rugs online, it can be hard to decide which one you want for your home! We all know that area rugs are important. They’re versatile, they can be used to anchor the space in your home, and they’re an excellent way to change up your decor without spending a lot of money. But it’s hard to find the perfect rug when you have no idea what style or size fits your needs! From there, it’s time to start shopping online! We have tips on finding a great deal on an area rug that fits your style and budget.


Tip 1. The Bigger, The Better:

Choosing a rug size should be the first thing you should take care of. To do this, you should start by measuring your room, as most online stores have various rug sizes. It all depends on the space and furniture you have and how you can fit the rug between them. That is why shopping rugs online is tricky, as you want to make sure that it aligns perfectly with the furniture and the room decor. So, if you are purchasing rugs online or looking at rugs selection, keep in mind that size does matter a lot. For full coverage, large area rugs are perfect for any room. And for a focal point in the room, consider having a smaller area rug.

Moreover, when choosing an area rug with a modern design, you have to pick carefully as most contemporary rugs come in bold designs that can overpower or clash with your room’s decor. That is why when looking for chic modern rugs, consider small ones in high traffic areas such as the bedroom or living room. Also, redecorate your home with modern area rugs by adding geometric shapes to the floor of your baby’s nursery, which will accommodate his crib and changing table.


Tip 2. Fix Your Budget:

It doesn’t matter what quality of rug you want or what your room decor needs. It all depends on your budget. Rugs differ in price according to the floral designs, patterns, and color. However, the decision lies between the wool and the silk rug. You can go for the silk one if you have money to spare, as they are at the peak of their spectrum. While on the other side, wool rugs are cheaper and fall in everybody’s range. So, before planning to buy rugs online, you should plan your budget first. 


Tip 3. Durability:

Longevity is also a big concern when it comes to buying area rugs online. While wool is a substantial material for rugs, some alternatives give you similar results. For example, you can consider sisal in this regard as rug durability depends upon knots per square inch, meaning it will hold on to its color and stay new for longer.


Tip 4. Style is Important:

Knowing the style of your room will help you greatly in buying a rug that best fits your aesthetic. Wool might be a better choice, but there are better options if you are going for a modern historical look. Switch the wool for a beni ourain rug or maybe silk as it will go better with your room. However, it all depends on your home decor and furniture. If they are modern, then a contemporary floor rug will be a much better option, or sometimes a Persian style rug can add a nice contrast and great style to your room.


Tip 5. Patterns and More Patterns:

To make your room look aesthetically pleasing, it is best advised that you go for a rug with some nice patterns. If the base color of the rug is boring and plain, then use small patterns or different colors to decorate your floor mat. This is a very good tip as it will not only make your place look more attractive, but it will also make the entire room look livelier.


Tip 6. Size is Everything:

You should always try and buy a rug that fits well with your home decor and furniture. If you have a small room, then going for a huge floor mat will not be a good idea as it will make the place look congested. On the other hand, if you have a huge room and buy a small rug, it will not cover much of your floor space, which means that it will seem very odd and out of place.


Tip 7. Power of Contrast:

If you have a floor mat that does not attract attention in any way, it will not give your home a better look. You should always try and ensure that you go for a rug that has a powerful contrast with the colors in your home, as this will make it stand out.


Tip 8. Stick to the 80/20 Rule:

It is a good idea to go for rugs in sets, as they will help bring your decor together and unify it. You should keep them in pairs or maybe more but small ones too. This rule makes sure that your home does not become too cluttered and the floor mats don’t clash with each other.


Tip 9. Rug Cleaning:

A low-quality rug means it will have low stain resistance, but it will also need little maintenance. Factors affecting rugs like vacuuming, whether it is static resistant or not, can play a crucial role in deciding which rug quality you want to choose. A wool rug is a better choice than other rugs out there as it is easily washable because of its exceptional long-lasting quality.


Tip 10. Beware of the Sun:

This is a very important point that most people tend to ignore, but it can go a long way in ensuring that you have a durable rug. You should always ensure that you place your rugs away from direct sunlight, as the heat radiating from the sun can cause your rugs to wear out at a much faster rate. 


Ending Thoughts

There are a number of things to consider when buying area rugs online. For example, the rug should be large enough for your space and not too thick, so it doesn’t wear out quickly under furniture or become uncomfortable on bare feet. Consider how crowded it will be using the rug’s surface – more traffic means you’ll need a thicker rug that can withstand heavy foot traffic without showing signs of wear and tear. It may seem like there are enough considerations before purchasing area rugs, but we at RugKnots will make this process easier! Follow these guidelines below, and you’ll have no problem finding the perfect rug for your home.


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