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Tips To Get Google Reviews For Your Business

How to Embed google review on website

Brands and businesses want to create a legacy of their own that will keep them in demand for years and years. Successfully achieving this objective is built on some crucial pillars. Google reviews are one of the pillars that have become paramount for elevating the success that businesses look to achieve. So read the blog Tips To Get Google Reviews For Your Business and how to Embed google review on website?

Customers trust what other customers are saying about a business instead of what that business is marketing about its image. 

Google understands that customer values customer reviews, which prompted it to create a local ranking algorithm that ranks reviews based on quantity and quality. Since Google is considering this ranking in your bid to attract customers, we are presenting you with several tips that would make your business gather a constant stream of reviews.

So, if boosting your reviews and revenue is on your mind, we have a gold mine for you.

Check – How to Embed google review on website

Why are Brands using Google Reviews?

A Google review may be a swift and straightforward process, but its benefits are never-ending. The more people review your business, the more you reach closer to achieving your business objectives. If google reviews were not a part of your marketing strategy earlier, it is high time to involve them in your marketing perspective. Hence, presenting you with some facts and statistics that would back our claim.

  • 88% of consumers show faith in online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family. Therefore, building up reviews on your website ensures that more customers engage with your business when they come across it.
  • Researching a product and reading reviews before purchasing is the new trend in the business world. Consumers read at least 10 reviews before finalizing their buying decision, as more review creates a sense of trust. The more Google reviews you have, the more are the chances of purchasing from your website.
  • Google rewards businesses that have a constant inflow of positive reviews. Google has confirmed that they are the definite local SEO ranking factor which makes their opinion paramount.
  • Leaving reviews and responding to them is cost-free. Positive reviews for your business on your business profile act as free Google advertising on the world’s most trusted platform. 

Tips To Get Google Reviews

By now, you must have a good grip on the positive impact that google reviews bring in for a business. So, let us pitch in some essential tips that will only enhance the Google reviews for your business. 

  • Add a Google Reviews Page to your Website

To devote an entire website page to Google reviews accessible from your main navigation menu will work wonders for you. The website should feature a ‘call to action’ to write a review and a list of existing reviews. These encourage potential customers to become customers, but they also provide additional motivation for existing customers to post a review.

You can use screenshots to populate your reviews page, but they should ideally be in text format. Because reviews are frequently keyword-rich, including them on your website in a way that Google’s crawlers can “read” them is an excellent small business SEO approach.

As a result, you might want to create a template in which you can copy and paste the text. In addition, various platforms and plug-ins allow you to compile your Google reviews onto a single page. 

  • Create a Google Review Widget on your Website

Embedding a google review widget on your website will aid in the growth of consumer confidence and reliability for the company, which can lead to increased conversions.

Reviews, being true content offered by customers based on their experiences with a brand, provide accurate information about a brand’s quality and performance, as well as its offerings.

Over 90% of individuals trust user-generated content, such as user reviews, when making online purchasing decisions. 

When it comes to influencing customer purchase decisions and brand conversions, positive word-of-mouth holds high importance. As a result, this google reviews widget is the customer’s stamp of confidence and authenticity.

  • Launch Email Campaign to Increase Google Review

Getting in touch with customers through personalized messages or a larger email campaign is understated yet an effective way of roping in more reviews from your business’s perspective. However, you need to be precise in the way you are going to approach the users as sugarcoating the ask, beating around the bush won’t reap any dividends for your business. Request them directly as their feedback through reviews is only going to serve useful information for future customers.

When customers are buying after reading user reviews, they are going to make the right purchase which would aid in their happiness factor. Happy customers get involved in posting reviews without even you asking them. So, carrying out an email campaign around google reviews would create a ripple effect that would surprise you.

  • Include a Google Review CTA Button in your Footer Section

Whether you have a separate google reviews page or not, adding reviews at the website footer would be quite beneficial. Following this process, you won’t be worrying about whether adding CTA to your website is the right choice or not. CTA can be added in the form of images, however, an anchor text also works just fine. 

  • Ask for Google Reviews in-person

Being a supplier in business offers you numerous chances to have a one-on-one interaction with customers. During these conversations with your customers, you will find several occasions on which you can ask them to post reviews about your business. Whatever feedback they have about your products, you can encourage them to share it through google reviews since it would be valuable for other customers. 

To make the process hassle-free for them, you can share the link to the review page on your website.

Wrapping Up

If you are a brand or business then you would be looking for ways to accomplish your prime objectives. Google reviews are going to act as a catalyst in this regard. To reap the full benefits of Google reviews, include them in your marketing strategy by acting on all the tips that we shared above. The results that would follow are going to take you by surprise!




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