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Tips To Keep In Mind While Planning Your Patio Design

The patio is that part of your cosy home that acts as not only an extension at the back of your house but also is a place for entertainment and dining. A lot goes on in planning a perfect patio.

This is a given because you need to ensure you make the most of the area within budget while constructing it or when opting for home renovation Sydney projects.

Peek into some of the things to keep in mind while planning your patio design.

Pick Right Spot

The first thing to consider while planning your patio is the purpose for which you are designing it. If you wish to transform your patio into an extension of your dining area, it is best to keep it close to the kitchen. Even if it is for entertainment purposes, quick access to the kitchen is what you would desire. For turning it into a spot to relax, check out which part of your garden gets the most sunlight. Check up, at the same time, if it can be illuminated to be used for some cocktail parties at night. A provision for a canopy or a shade should be made as well for the scorching summer days.

Consider Shape And Size

Patios need not have stereotypical straight shapes. They can come in curves, semi-circles, circles and rectangles. Chalk out the space you can set aside for your patio and plan its shape or layout. Take a rope and measure the layout, take into consideration the space you would need to move about after keeping the furniture. This way you can plan the other adornments that come in the form of plants, flowering beds, lights and other accoutrements. A space of 25 sq. ft. per person is a good enough space. Add a stylish dimension to your patio by giving it a curved look and spruce it up with a side space for a barbeque during summers.

Material Used

The way you design your patio and the materials you use, echo your style. Hence, give considerable thought in what materials would go to build your patio. Keep it in accord with your home interiors, to keep up the symmetry. Hence, if your house is built in the modern style, materials like wood, stamped concrete or a blend of all of these can be good choices. For antique designed homes, bricks, locally sourced stones, flagstone and slate lend a rustic look. A smooth floor surface with some friction works to prevent chairs from slipping or wobbling. The colour of the material you use for the side beds can also complement the added adornments.

Intricate Details

Pay attention to detail.  This is what will ultimately give your patio the captivating edge. Deck it up with small plants, glimmering lights, fountains or a cosy hearth on one corner. Water bodies are the in thing and the sound of the gurgling water adds to the serenity of calm nights. Seasonal flowering plants which bloom in a kaleidoscopic array of colours and come in beautiful scents can be planted along the sides. A sleek drainage system will prevent rainwater from accumulating during the monsoons.

Make your Budget

 All the detailing and planning can only come of use if you plan your budget for patio designing well. Plan a budget according to the amount you can keep aside comfortably and then match it up with the cost of all the materials and furniture, the adornments and finally for any external help that you would take for the final touches.

Summing Up

Finally, give some thought to certain small things such as the kind of plants that would be convenient and needless effort down the years to maintain. Think about using non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials and highlighting specific spots to make your patio look neat, tidy and attractive

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