Tips to keep your child away from the harmful effects of smartphones

Keep your child away from the harmful effects of smartphones

Each one of us is dependent on technology. Whether it is for work or entertainment we always run up to electronic devices. A smartphone or something that we use daily even if it is not required or a bottle. Irrespective of our age We have been using smartphones for years. In the last two years, things have changed and the younger generation has started to involve in this. As a pandemic hit the world, everything turned online. A huge number of mobile phones were sold as even kids required that to cope with studies.

There is no doubt that technology provides us with upgrades in life. We sell old mobiles and switch to new one’s ones we see some new features. However, if we do not limit the usage of it it can be harmful to children or even adults. Let us have a look at the common side-effects that children suffer because of the heavy usage of smartphones.


  • Insomnia

Insomnia is loss of sleep because of engaging yourself in other activities. It is not necessary that you engage or self in some other activity each day to sleep. It is an unhealthy pattern of scrolling on a mobile phone daily for hours without any reason. The skin causes loss of sleep or insomnia. Sleep is an important factor for the human body which must be followed to function properly. However, if the sleeping schedule is not proper it indirectly affects the brain and the nervous system.


  • Loss in concentration

Concentration and focus level is important in each activity that we do daily. However, loss of sleep or insomnia will automatically cause a loss of concentration. Whenever we are not able to focus on any of our activities it could cause us frustration. This is not a healthy pattern for anyone. These are the small yet regular things that you must focus on. Kids are easily prone to addiction to smartphones. All of these problems will be automatically coming their way if not looked after on time.


  • Changes in behavior

Behavioral changes are noticed in kids who are addicted to smartphones. They might avoid being around the family or interacting with any of their friends. They might be just on their smartphone all day and night. Playing games, watching content online, or even on social media platforms. There is nothing out of their side once they were connected to the internet through their device.

Adults still understand after they read the side effects. But how can you keep away your child from the harmful effects of a smartphone?

You can always have control in your hand. Ignoring the side effects is just going to increase with time. Therefore, below mentioned are some of the easy and simple things you can try to keep in control.


  1. Limit their usage

using technology is not a bad thing. But we must know when to stop. We must limit the usage of our mobile phones or any other source of technology. A detox is a great idea once in a while. However, no mobile repair shop can put a limit on software on any device. We have to learn to set the limitations by ourselves. We completely agree that keeping away mobile phones daily is not possible. However, when it is about kids it can be controlled. You can limit 10 use of your kid’s mobile phone by setting boundaries and schedules.


  1. Keep track of the activities

Keep a track of the activities that your child is involved in. They could be spending their time on a gaming application, watching unwanted content, or any other unwanted activities online. You could keep a track of the activities or the screen time on the mobile phone itself. This will help you to know about the things that your child is involved in. However, you could also download some tracking applications on your mobile phone. This will help you to know about your kid’s mobile phones and the activities they indulged in.


  1. Involve them in other exciting activities

Try involving your kids in other activities which are more interesting than using a smartphone. They would like to play some outdoor or even indoor games. Landing up onto mobile phones may be their second option but maybe they were not getting any first option as well. Having someone to play with or some interesting board games can also help.


  1. Educate them about the side-effects

At last, you must also keep on educating them about the rights and wrongs. It is not just about the mobile phone limitations for a certain age. Limiting the usage and knowing when to stop is what everyone needs to do. There is so many adults’ verdict to a mobile phone which eventually proves that it is not just kids. Educating the kids about the side effects at an early age is the right thing to do.








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