Top 10 Benefits of Student Database Management system

In this modern era, the world has noticed some drastic changes in each and every domain through the medium of technology, and as a result of this, we have seen a huge evolvement across the society including the professional as well as the personal lifestyle of people. The functioning of the professional world especially has experienced a huge impact due to the enhancing technology.

School management ERPs have played a big role in this transition. Many schools have moved towards smart and efficient software products and ERP solutions in order to strengthen their bases in all departments including student management, employee management, HR and payroll management, Resource management as well as examination management.

What is Student Database Management system?

The importance of having proper student management software for schools is very high due to the needs of the present world. As a result of this, it is very necessary to have and maintain a proper database of students resolving the issues of security and for the proper functioning. Schools face many issues when it comes to maintaining a proper database and due to that, they miss out on various administrative things which results in an overall decline in the growth of the school. Hence, having a proper school database management system can be very beneficial for all ranges of schools.

When we talk about a proper school database management system, it becomes very necessary to focus on some of the major advantages and benefits the technology provides.

Thus, here are some of the key points that define its importance:

  • They can instantly send notifications or important messages in the form of an SMS on the registered contact number.
  • Schools possessing the transport facilities also get a major help in maintaining the database of exact students using it. As a result, the schools can plan their routes, and also by upgrading with a smart Bus tracking system.  They can keep a track of the instant locations of the students which gives the feeling of various parents.
  • Schools can also extract various important information through multiple choices of reports and many tasks, as a result, get simplified.
  • All students can get regular notifications through mobile applications about various events and activities that take place on the campus.
  • Academic planning and appointing regular classwork, homework, as well as assignments, can take place with the help of this system.
  • Another advantage can be seen in assignment generation and tracking which improves the educational level and flows for the school.
  • Due to proper data management, the mobile application becomes even more effective as multiple activities can be carried out through the mobile applications and thus it results from more in-school branding as well.
  • The most important advantage is that the data security increases and the threats related to them get neutralized. Schools can provide data management-related rights, only to those users who are working for that particular task.

Also, when we focus on the commercial growth of a school or trust. The most important factor that makes it possible is data management. Unless you keep a proper track record of students’ admissions, inquiries, fee collections, and pending fee lists. It is not possible for the school to create a roadmap for planning the commercial growth in successive cycles. The advantage of having proper software not only lies in the academic part.

Vidyalaya school software is top of the list as it has multiple options. In is totally user-friendly and can prove to be very useful for schools. Vidyalaya school database management software has the facility of providing more than 1500 reports across the modules and hence schools can access and view multiple forms of information at any given instance. Along with focusing on the management of the student databases, this system also focuses on the proper management of employees.


In the Vidyalaya school database management system, we equally focus on both student and employee database management. All features are not just implementation based but also for analysis and maintenance. The presence of summary dashboards and multiple reports enhances the ERP and makes it the best school database management software.

Vidyalaya has successfully been able to establish a family of more than 1300 clients and 12 countries at present.  Even after a huge recognition and winning multiple awards, the focus of the Vidyalaya School Admission Management System will always be on providing the best ERP solutions to schools across the globe.

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