Top 15 Things to Do in Oahu, Hawaii

If you want to visit such an expensive place, there are many free or cheap things to do in Oahu. Starting with sightseeing, adventure or just enjoying Oahu Beach, you can do many things for free or cheap if you plan ahead and take advantage of all the free things you can do next.

There are many things to do in Oahu for free when you visit Waikiki, the North Shore, Kailua, or many other popular attractions on the island.

If you are also planning to travel to Hawaii, then you should book flight tickets to Hawaii and spend your vacation here. Let’s read this article from beginning to end without delay.

Fun Things to Do in Oahu:-

On Oahu, you can do a lot of great and exciting activities for free or cheap if you are willing to plan and take some action to get to the places and do all these amazing activities. Most of these free things are fairly easy to access and do yourself for free. It’s a fun activity in Honolulu or the tourist area of Waikiki.

1. Go on a Hike

There are so many amazing hikes you can take around the island, most of them free, and a great way to see the charming and beautiful landscape. You can take cheap or free walks around famous landscapes such as Diamond Head, Makapu Lighthouse or even Koko Head Trail. Check out these amazing hikes here for more information and inspiration.

2. Dive for Free on Oahu

Diving can be done all over the island in various places where tropical fish and coral are still thriving and you have some diving equipment. Popular attractions include a protected scuba diving beach in Haunani Bay, Sharks Cove, and Kahe Point Beach Park. To find out the best places to dive, check out all of these fantastic dive sites that you can visit for more information and additional sites.

3. Rent a Bike

You can rent a cheap bike in Oahu Waikiki via Biki, which has more than 130 Biki stops around Honolulu and $ 4.00 one-way longer-term tickets. Check out the Biki system and prices here for more information on these cheap bike rentals in the Honolulu area.

4. Climb on the Diamond Head

One of Waikiki’s most popular attractions is to climb Diamond Head and enjoy stunning views of the city and coastline below. A visit and hike through Diamond Head cost only $ 1 per entrance or $ 5 per car to the park, and the hike is about 1.4 miles on foot or about 45-60 minutes on foot, depending on how many stops you make along the way.

You can do this easily and better in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat, but also to get a spectacular light for the image and the photo. More information and opening hours can be found on the park’s website.

5. Take a Bus Around the Island

Alternatively, to travel around the island cheaply instead of renting a car or going on a tour, you can take a one-way bus to the island for only $ 2.50, including one free transfer / stop you want to make. along the way. Find out more about The Bus’s round-trip island bus service or multi-day tickets.

6. Visit the Botanical Garden

Instead of booking a tour, you can visit many of Oahu’s botanical gardens for free and explore the many tropical plants and lush landscapes for yourself. Visit the Parks and Rec Botanical Garden here, where you will find all these impressive gardens for a do-it-yourself tour, or take a guided tour with an associate professor.

7. Explore Pearl Harbor for Free

If you take a bus to Pearl Harbor or a low-cost Uber ride, the rest of the ride and boat ride to the USS Arizona is free. You can visit the area, video show, and associate professor tour for free as it is part of the Pearl Harbor National Monument. and Arizona Memorial You must pre-book reservations on this site to ensure timely admission, so book early. Although there are cancellations and vacancies at different times of the day.

8. Do-it-yourself Historic Walking Tour of Honolulu

One of the free things to do in Honolulu is a walk through the historic downtown area. In fact, you can join a free walking tour of Honolulu’s historic attractions and enjoy the area’s top attractions and major attractions. This hiking tour will give you a glimpse into the history, settlement, and architecture of this historic district of Honolulu. The DIY tour is free and just follow the link on the website.

9. Go Surf on the Body

The beaches of Oahu and Waikiki, which is the most popular beach with fantastic sandy bottom where you can enjoy this sport, have so many amazing beaches for surfing. Check out these other fun body surfing spots on the island where you can go and experience real water adventures

10. Browse Cheaply

If you know how to surf, just rent aboard for a few hours and there are many beach areas where you can enjoy hourly surfing rentals. Check out this site for more information on renting in this area. If you’re browsing for the first time, you can cheaply view free YouTube textbooks to learn the basics, then rent a board and spend time with newcomers on the beach.

11. Canoeing in Oahu

Just like surfing, you can rent a kayak for a nominal amount per hour or half a day to save on some equipment costs, rather than riding a kayak, which is quite expensive with a variety of operators. Check out this site for places where you can actually rent kayaks for hours.

12. Sup Boarding on the Island of Oahu

Want to practice SUP or try the SUP (stand-up Paddle) experience? You can enjoy other water sports by renting a SUP board for an hour at various locations. If you’re new to SUP, check out some simple YouTube videos with basic instructions on how to get started in this easy sport.

13. Challenge Yourself to Climb Coco Head

Climbing the steep path of the Kok Crater is a big challenge, but climbing the 1,050 steps to the top of the crater will reward you with stunning views of eastern Oahu. Parking is free and easy, and the end of the trail is easy to spot, and before you know it, you’ll complete the main challenge of a stair master.

14. Run on These Legendary Oahu Routes

Imagine the perfect beach and running back and forth through the soft sand several times so you can exercise and enjoy the scenery at the same time. Or you can run through a variety of historic areas or fantastic landscapes to enjoy and enjoy these popular local jogging routes.

15. Enjoy Manoa Waterfall

Manoa Falls is one of the best free things to do in Honolulu and is just a short drive from downtown. Relatively easy hike to Manoa Falls. This short 0.8-mile hike back and forth is easy and traverses green and scenic landscapes meandering through bamboo forests, rainforests, and the foothills of the Exercise Mountains.

You will walk parallel to Manoa Creek until you reach the base of a 150-foot-high waterfall. If you enjoy visiting the waterfalls, check out the best waterfalls on Oahu to get more inspiration to visit.

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