Top 3 Benefits of Using Custom Mascara Boxes

Using Custom Mascara Boxes

Myriads of mascara types are out there, with many brands vying to sell their mascaras more than the rest of the competition. Beauty or makeup products are mostly bought on emotions, and so are mascaras. Consumers pay ninety per cent attention to the packaging whenever they enter a retail store to buy mascara. As the customers can try on mascara only after purchase, mascara boxes determine whether they’ll buy or not. Moreover, mascaras have delicate bodies prone to damage, enhancing custom mascara boxes’ importance. Furthermore, the portability factor also plays an important role. This post will explore the top three benefits of custom mascara boxes in terms of protectiveness, display enhancement, and information transmission. 

Protect Mascara Casing Well

High-Quality Sturdy Materials

Custom mascara boxes are made from cardboard material. Cardboard being a sturdy material brings durability to mascara packaging. The durability of mascara boxes keeps from breakage or leakage of mascaras due to pressure, slight jolts, or accidental falls. 

Coatings Preserve Against Environmental Damages

When applied to mascara boxes, coatings such as reflective aqueous and light-soaking matte serve two primary purposes. They enhance the aesthetic outlook and keep moisture and sticking dust from damaging the packaging. 

Convey Mascara Specifics in Elegant Ways

Makeup buyers need to know all essential details about mascaras so they know which mascara is the right fit. Successful cosmetic brands know the importance of typographic elements in information transmission. 

Role Of Typography In Effective Information Transmission

Custom mascara boxes help you turn a bland piece of information into a visually appealing one with beautiful typography. Beautiful calligraphic fonts and typographic styles in desirable letter sizes and boldness do the job well. These boxes allow you to assimilate product information in other design elements beautifully. Mostly in long shape, mascara boxes allow ample space for printing cosmetic information such as:

  • Brand’s name
  • Quantity and the type of mascara
  • Applying instruction and desirable results
  • Expiration and company social media
  • Desirable results and other product relevant information

A play with vibrant color palettes can completely transform how product information appears on custom mascara boxes. 

Benefits Of Mascara Boxes As Display Boxes

Mascaras Are Quickly Approachable

boxes in display style are easily accessible. When placed on points of sale where every customer stops to pay, these boxes foster impulse purchases. The instant accessibility towards mascaras positively influences buying in customers and helps them make a quick decision.

Advertise And Promote

PDQ display for mascara boxes is like a public billboard that promotes mascaras to every customer. The detachable header and broad sidewalls allow ample space for branding and design on these boxes. 

Your cosmetic brand can successfully run promotional campaigns and present mascaras as gifts. This aspect increases the utility of these boxes for small product sampling. 

Organized Presentation Of Mascaras

Customizing boxes with add-ons like divider inserts, cavities, and tier inserts makes mascaras look more organized and branded. These boxes truly boost the presentation of different mascaras on countertops. 

The above described three benefits are sound reasons for you to opt for custom boxes.

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