Top 7 Reasons to Automate Your Print Production Workflow

Over the past many years, businesses have been using automation as a means to increase productivity, reduce human dependency, and cut overheads. Slowly, print businesses have also started to leverage automation with the help of Web to Print solutions. In addition, there has been a significant increase in the adoption of automation by the print business after the Pandemic. Business owners are looking for ways to mitigate risks associated with the pandemic. They also want a solution that offers flexibility, adaptability, and a healthier bottom line. And automation is perfect for that. There are many reasons why print industries must introduce automation in their print workflow. Let us discuss them only one by one. But before that, let us see what print workflow automation is.

What is Print Workflow Automation?

The idea behind print workflow automation is that each printing process step can be digitally linked to other steps. This creates a chain of programmed events which keeps the job moving continuously forward. This chain event starts all the way from order intake and ends at the delivery of finished products. This generates a stream of data that monitors costs, tracks jobs, and yields insights to make the production of jobs more efficient. Web to Print software plays a major role in establishing automation in print production workflow.

Why You Need Print Workflow Automation

Increases Productivity and Profitability

To gain the advantages of automation, applying it in every business process is not necessary. Even a minute degree of automation can reap massive benefits in the form of boosted productivity and speed. Having said that, you must aim for broader adoption to gain competitive agility and improve productivity to a great extent. One can implement automation with the help of Web to Print solutions.

Minimizes Errors and Delays

Miscommunication is a known culprit when it comes to losing profits. Verbal and email communication are highly susceptible to misinterpretations and communication delays. However, by print workflow automation, you can eliminate all such miscommunications. In addition, you can ensure that no task is left and all deadlines are met with the help of automated messaging and job tracking.

Improves Turnaround Times

More automation means fewer variables in the estimation of production costs. This is the reason why print businesses employing print workflow automation can deliver job quotes more accurately and quickly. Faster job quote also means that the customer will approve it faster. All of this results in quicker turnaround time. This drives client delight. It also allows your print business to move on to other new projects.

Offers Financial Controls for More Accurate Accounting

Manual accounting is expensive, especially when it leaves a room for error given the amount of data entry, filing, archiving, and retrieving files. With print workflow automation, companies can go paperless with job accounting. This eases data retrieving and reduces possibilities of accounting errors.

Since this is a cleaner approach and also a virtually error-free process, you can retrieve invoices and approve it faster. This again empowers organizations to move to other projects.

Better Control of Corporate Branding

Even if the print job varies greatly, print workflow automation enables to establish a company’s brand consistency across various jobs. There are templates available that help in establishing a company’s brand through its specific brand images, unique layouts, colors. In addition, templates also streamline job creation and submission for customers.

Streamlines Production Processes

The most obvious benefit of print workflow automation is streamlining of the production process. This is a huge advantage as it is useful for high volume jobs. It is also useful for projects that need a large number of print variables. Automation boosts the speed of the workflow, leaving you with a more efficient workload. One can streamline production processes with the help of Web to Print software.

Easier to Avoid Bottlenecks

Elimination of human error is something that people find it tougher to address. However, automated workflow will surely make you address this. It is because it restructures your overall printing processes, causing reorganization of the workplace. Also, it is important to accept the fact that humans are a key source of production line issues. They are a major cause for creation of bottlenecks in the workflow.

These bottlenecks cause obstruction in the job volume. With print workflow automation, you can reduce these bottlenecks. You can eliminate needless touches and reduce labor expenses. You can also add more automation wherever it is required. So, in short, you must find a key point where you can implement automation for maximum improvement.


Printing market is booming and the demand for print is touching sky highs. In such times, only those print businesses will survive and grow who can meet those high demands. And for that, one needs to have automated print workflows. We have already written the advantages that you can have with print workflow automation. I hope this article helps you to understand the importance of having an automated print workflow.

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