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Are you interested in writing content that is search engine-worthy? An SEO content writer may have years of experience, but even so, there are so many tools that a successful writer will use to create amazing content. These informative blog posts will cover the top 5 SEO content writing tools that you can use to create search engine-friendly content.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization.  It is a process of ranking your website to be search engine friendly. There are many components to ranking high on a search engine. This includes off-page SEO and On-Page SEO. In this article, we’re specifically focusing on SEO content writing. This involves writing high-quality content on your website so that it ranks organically on google. By using a specific keyword list, you can write content that aligns with what people are searching for on google. The more relevant your content is, the higher Google will rank your website. Sounds easy? Not so much. But there are top SEO content writing tools that you can use to help ease the lengthy search engine optimization journey.

SEO Content Writing Services

We understand that content is the most important part of any SEO strategy. That’s why we write engaging, compelling website content, blogs and articles for your website with clear descriptions and well-researched information on any niche. The most important element of SEO content writing is keyword research. Before hiring an SEO agency or working with an SEO content writer, be sure they are skilled and experienced in keyword research.

Top SEO Content Writing Tools

Keyword research tool


The first step to climbing the rankings is by using low-competition keywords. You can find these terms in Google Keyword Research Tool. From here, you can see each keyword’s search volume as well as how competitive they are. This data will help you rank quickly on page one of major engines like google without having too many competitors vying for attention from potential customers.


Google search bar

keyword research seo content writing tips

Use the Google search bar to give you ideas for new keywords and phrases. Simply start typing in one keyword, and Google will do all the work for you. A google search bar is an excellent tool for keyword research. Just enter your niche and get all the keywords that match it, with their corresponding traffic potentials! If you’re just starting out with SEO content writing, the google search bar is a free alternative to many paid keyword research subscriptions. 

A. I. Jarvis

JasperAI is a great way to find inspiration and create content. This paid SEO content writing tool is amazing for generating website content, social media posts, Google my business updates and more. It’s not perfect copywriting, but it definitely steers you in the right direction and helps any SEO content writer save time!


As an SEO content writer, the best tool to ensure your content is grammar fee is Grammarly. It’s easy to use plugin that appears whenever you’re writing. A huge number of people struggle with basic English Grammar; this online tool can help them fix their errors in just one click! Not only will Grammarly fix any grammatical issues, it also helps reduce redundancies and crystalizes your content. The best thing about using Grammarly is that it always helps to make your writing more interesting, creative and engaging. I highly recommend paying for Grammarly for any SEO content writer. 

Yoast Plugin For WordPress

Yoast is a tool that helps you maintain your blog’s SEO and social media profiles, so it can be easier for people to find out about the content on your website or application. Yoast also offers valuable insights into how different elements of a text may rank higher than others based on specific keywords used within them which means better branding opportunities as well! Yoast makes on-page SEO easier than having to know technical SEO. I highly recommend Yoast for any SEO content writer.

Professional SEO Content Writer

seo content writer kathleen parisien

Don’t have time to write your own creative website content that is search engine friendly? You can hire a professional content writer to handle this for you! When it comes to search engine optimization, a professional content writer is an absolute must. This individual will be responsible for creating all sorts of different types and styles in order help your website rank higher on Google. Book a free consultation with an SEO content writer for help growing your online business.

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