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Travel Turkey via Luxury Yachts

Turkey is the nation that connects Europe with Asia and blends two styles to form Turkish society. Turkey is blessed with many famous cultural treasures. Although it is not an actual island Turkey has a border with its Black Sea to the north and to the north, Aegon Sea in the west as well as to the south, and Mediterranean Sea to the south.

Therefore a yacht charter in Turkey is the perfect method to get to know this amazing country. Do follow for Charter Yachts in Turkey.

So let’s dive in and find out why exploring the country from a yacht is a wonderful experience.

Chartering a yacht in Turkey is simple

As you could imagine a country that has so many beaches, sea excursions of any kind are readily available. However, the majority of people charter yachts through reputable companies like Click & Boat. This is due to the following reasons:

  • They provide a variety of boats, including yachts catamarans, motorboats and sailboats. If you’re looking to spend time with your family or go out on a speedy boat to experience an adrenaline rush, you are able to.
  • Chartering a yacht or any other vessel in Turkey is possible by an hour, day or even a week. There’s something for any budget and requirement.
  • It is not necessary to be a sailing expert to hire a certified skipper is an alternative. Relax on the beach with a professional who takes charge of your sailing.
  • Just a few clicks to companies such as Click and Boat, it is possible to book charter yachts in Turkey within a matter of minutes.

Onboard your yacht

Going to Turkey is an amazing experience. However, there are plenty to do aboard the various vessels. Consider:

  • You can experience a fantastic sea trip.
  • It is possible to enjoy the coast of Turkey whilst sipping a drink during the scorching temperatures.
  • It is possible to experience the ocean as you eat exquisite seafood.
  • On vessels that are faster it is possible to water ski or tubing.

Do you want to try paragliding?

Find the best beaches to moor for food, fun at the beach as well as exploring caves and coves. Snorkeling and diving to see incredible underwater life.

Exploring Turkey

There are some stunning cities along the coast to visit from the yacht you charter. After you have moored, you can explore the unique cultural diversity of Turkey and its blend from Europe as well as Asia. Its city, Izmir is an excellent starting point.


Just a short distance just a few minutes away Dalaman Airport is the picturesque marina town of Gocek. It is well-known for its local stores and its beautiful promenade. This a perfect place to get your boat to anchor within the bay. It is the Gulf of Gocek on Turkey’s Lycian coast is a captivating charter location where the landscape is littered with imposing mountain peaks surrounded by emerald-pine forests, and sparkling waters are awash of marine creatures. The most beautiful anchorages and numerous activities are offered on the coast’s undulating shores.


The city is dominated by a western tradition, but there are also bits of eastern culture scattered across the city. The cultural mix must be seen to be believed. You can:

  • Stroll through the promenade, which is miles long. It is possible to have a break for refreshments, enjoy the views of the ocean and the mountains and watch the people because it is usually crowded with lovers, runners, and others who are looking for refreshments.
  • Asansor is a lift that can allow you to go to different levels within the city. If you climb to the top, you’ll be able to see a stunning panorama across the city. Great for selfies.
  • Kizlaragasi Hani is a covered market located in the Bazaar district. The structure which is home to the market date to 1744. It is stunning, featuring architecture with an oriental flavor. The market is mostly filled with souvenirs however, on the higher levels, you’ll see dealers and craftsmen.

This is just one instance of what you could do with your yacht charter in Turkey. Make sure your next vacation is enjoyed on a yacht.

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